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  1. rsvinylgraphics

    Duracell auto batteries

    battery installation is one of the easiest DYI maintenance items there is.
  2. rsvinylgraphics

    Mazda CX-7, rough idle, misfire etc...Please help

    You really shouldn't drive the vehicle with a misfire as it can ruin your catalytic converter and they are costly to replace. Is the metal sound you are hearing like a rattling sound? if so it could just be a loose heat shield on the catalytic converter, most people just remove the heat shield...
  3. rsvinylgraphics

    Hood paint has roughness to it

    Yes try a clay bar, I recommend the Meguiars clay bar kit
  4. rsvinylgraphics

    2021 CX-5 amplifier hidden installation ideas?

    He said he does NOT want to put under the seats because he needs the space for his children's stuff.
  5. rsvinylgraphics

    Looking for Protege5 Roof Rack plastic inserts etc

    If you use ABS filament you shouldn't have an issue. PLA is the filament that tends to soften and melt in the sun.
  6. rsvinylgraphics

    Why does the front-passenger seat not have power controls?

    Only luxury cars have power passenger seats
  7. rsvinylgraphics

    My CX-9 could not handle snow

    in situations where there is ice you might try turning the TCS off, did you try that?
  8. rsvinylgraphics

    SNOW, TCS, and AWD System

    You are not supposed to turn off the TCS when driving on snow covered roads, the only time TCS should be turned off is if you are stuck in snow, or mud. How worn are your tires?
  9. rsvinylgraphics

    Issues after towing CX-9 behind RV

    Since you are still under factory warranty have a Mazda dealer take a look at it
  10. rsvinylgraphics

    WTB MP3 ECU Needed

    There are a bunch of them on ebay.
  11. rsvinylgraphics

    Where is the CX-9 block heater cord located?

    I believe only Canadian vehicles come with the engine block heater, are you in Canada? If so the heater cord is usually located near the battery.
  12. rsvinylgraphics

    Help! Lost radio code, Mazda CX-7

    The code might be in the owner's manual or you can go to a Mazda dealer.
  13. rsvinylgraphics

    Windshield washer fluid spray issue

    I am pretty sure the wipers and the pump are on the same fuse so that would mean the wipers wouldn't operate either if the fuse is blown
  14. rsvinylgraphics

    Clear coat damage

    Meguiar's has a Clear Coat Safe Rubbing Compound so that would be a good choice as it is supposed to be much less abrasive than the older rubbing compounds. https://www.meguiars.com/automotive/products/clear-coat-safe-rubbing-compound
  15. rsvinylgraphics

    2013 CX-5 GT Dead and won't jump

    Could just be a faulty battery that won't hold a charge. You can take it to Autozone to load test it for you to find out if is faulty. Sometimes a cell will go bad in them even in newer batteries.
  16. rsvinylgraphics

    2013 CX-5 GT Dead and won't jump

    How old is the battery? You may have stated that but I missed it.
  17. rsvinylgraphics

    Clear coat damage

    just wondering what you used or what you did that dulled/scratched the clearcoat...