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    Power Seat works, but very loud noise

    Drivers seat bottom back/forth power adjustment works, but it makes a very loud noise. I checked and there isn't anything stock on the rails. Sounds like the motor is under heavy load with or without anyone on the seat. I just had my oil change and won't be back at the dealership for another 5...
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    2022 CX-9 EV?

    I've been looking at several car reviews online and it seems like everyone is updating their vehicles. Their designs are fresh, provide innovation and look great in my opinion, then Mazda releases the MX-30 EV which looks not up-to par with the competition. If 2022 doesn't bring a new model...
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    Ideas for restoring wheel finish / appearance?

    So a few years ago I had these repaired due to some scratches. It appears it didn’t take well. What other solutions are out there? Repaint them? Sand them and make them black? Or leave them as is?
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    I bought these set of chains to keep in my car for emergencies, in case I ever need to drive in sand or put them on (required in CA) to drive up in the mountains when it snows. I read the manual and there is a note that says: I'm not planning on switching my tires to R18, but I'm curious to...
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    Is this normal window operation?

    Edit: I have the window lock key pressed because I don’t want my kids opening the windows. Today, I realized that I couldn’t open the windows either? I could swear that they should still work for me, the driver while keeping everyone else’s disabled. Am I wrong?
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    Interior cabin rattling noise

    My warranty is coming up and I want to make sure to fix all the annoyances - wondering if anyone has experienced a rattling noise in the cabin towards the front/passenger side? The noise is more noticeable on an decline while driving, goes away for a bit but then comes back. It happens most of...
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    16-17 owners ... what warranty work have you needed?

    Just curious how 16/17 owner's vehicles are holding up? I have a 16 with about 25K and 5 months left of warranty. I've had to take it to the dealership to replace a few parts: bushing, springs etc. I was hearing lots of creaking noises when driving over bumps. The dealer did a warranty...
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    Rear bumper and tailgates chrome bars replacement

    Long story short, got a small ding on my car. It broke both rear chrome bars on the bumper and tailgate, and also have a small, but noticeable dent at the bottom of the tailgate with some scratch. I was quoted $2100 for the repair. I don't want to make an insurance claim to avoid my rates from...
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    CX-9 to 5

    Now that the CX-5 is getting a turbocharged...is anyone considering switching over? Same engine, smaller car, probably better fuel efficiency. Signature level trims look like they would match all features. Besides the 7 seats, what else does the CX-9 bring to the table that the 5 wouldn't?
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    2018 Parking Sensor Retrofit to 2016

    I just noticed that the 2018 version has front parking sensors...I don't know why the 2016 didn't have it (it did in Australia), but I am very interested in retrofitting this. Does anyone know if it's possible to have the dealer do this? Also, anyone considering trading in their 2016 for the 2019?
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    iPhone connection

    On my Android, voice texting works pretty well. I tap the microphone, speak and the phone types instantly. On my iPhone... its another story. I tap the microphone, theres a 2-3 second lag which nothing gets typed, then the beep, and the phone begins to type. When I tap the microphone, I see...
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    Android/Apple support

    Went for my service appointment yesterday and asked about it, supposedly coming late August September....
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    Leather seat treatment

    16 GT here - Left is the passanger seat. Right is the drivers seat. Car has about 10 months. I've never applied anything to the leather seats but today I've noticed the wrinkles are pretty bad...I can only imagine what they'll look like a year from now. Any recommendations?
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    High pitch Noise above 80

    I have a hard to troubleshoot observation...I've noticed that when going above 80, there is a high pitch noise. It appears to come from the front of the car and It's appears to be more noticeable when I press the gas pedal. For reference, I'm 31 years old. The reason why age is important is...
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    Backup camera failure

    This is the second time this happens to me. The first time it was several months ago. Normal operations resumed the following morning. The second time being this afternoon. The camera was working fine. I parked my car and when I get out of the grocery store, it wasn't working. Turned the car...
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    2016 Tank capacity

    How many gallons does it take to fill up the tank? Manual says this car has 19.5 gallons, but I usually fill it up with a lot less than that. (between 13-14 gal). Range is usually around 350m for a tank full of gas. =350/23.4 ~ 15 gal capacity... If it were 19.5 gal, the range should've been...
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    Rattling noise from passenger door

    Anyone experiencing rattling noises from passenger door? Especially in the GT 2016 model? I suspect it's the piano trim around the window switch, but can't confirm. It's driving me insane having to listen to it while driving. My ears are now tuned to it, even if I have the radio on I can still...
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    Australian features

    I just saw this article: https://www.mazda.com.au/about-mazda/news/latest-news/next-gen-mazda-cx-5-showcases-new-i-activsense-safety-technology/ I wonder when some of these tech will make it to the American Market. Some of the stuff I noticed that we don't have: MRCC with stop and go! Traffic...
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    2016 CX-9 Compass and other useless features

    What are some of the features you think the 2016 has that only look good on paper? I can think of two: 1) Compass (I realize no one uses this, but still, the way it works it's ridiculous) You can see in the short video below, the compass is pointing West in the direction I'm moving, but the sun...
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    Anyone with similar problem found a solution?

    I have a covercraft sunshade and when I put it in my car, this happens at the end of the work day. It usually has to be cold outside. Does anyone have the same issue? Any recommendations how to prevent this? The condensation is on the inside. I have to either wipe it or crank up the heat which...