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  1. rsvinylgraphics

    Who Won a Brand New Hypertech On Ebay For $60?

    I did thats who (yippy)
  2. rsvinylgraphics

    Aeroforce Interceptor Scan Gauge

    $200 shipped, continental US only. Size 52 mm Plugs into your OBD2 port for simple plug & play operation. The gauge will display two parameters of your choice at a time. Here is a list of available parameters: 1. INTAKE AIR- Intake Air Temperature 2. BOOST TEMP SENSOR – Calculated actual...
  3. rsvinylgraphics

    Forge BPV question

    I was wondering if someone could explain why it takes much more force to open the OEM BPV (almost impossible to push open with a finger) and the Forge takes A LOT less force to open (opens easily when pushing on the piston with a finger) when using the recommended Blue spring.