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    Auto Climate Control fixed at two-bar fan speed?

    Hi, before I take my new CX-5 into the dealer, I thought I should get a read on whether something is "normal". This is on a 2021 CX-5 CE AWD Turbo. Anytime I have the climate control in "Auto" mode with a temp set, the fan speed is always fixed on 2-bars - it doesn't increase or decrease...
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    Anybody Require / Receive a Printed Brochure?

    Hi, whenever I get a new car I usually save the printed brochure the dealers give out - if/when I sell a car later, it is a little extra gloss for the buyer and often the printed brochure has the best table showing the breakdown of trim features. When I bought mine, the dealer didn't have any...
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    2021 CX-5 Tire Pressure Display

    A couple of online manuals for the MyMazda phone app show screen shots which display the actual tire pressures in each wheel. But the instructions to get to this screen don’t seem to work .... I can get a status message that the tire pressures are Ok, but nothing that gives the actual...
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    Mazda OEM roof rail question

    Hi, I have a new 2021 (without roof rails) that I’m wondering if I can fit Mazda OEM rails to and then use my clamp-on Thule cross bars. I like the fit and design of the Mazda rails, but they appear to be pretty low-profile and may not offer enough of a profile to clamp to. I don’t...
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    CX-3 Purchase in Charlotte NC

    Hi, I live in the PacNW, but am assisting my just-graduating-from-college daughter in buying her first new car; she is moving and starting a new job in the Charlotte area this summer. She's probably getting a CX-3 Touring. If anyone has any recommendations on Charlotte dealers and sales people...