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    Mysterious "line" (to me) in CX-5 display. What is it?

    Subject says most of it: What is the horizontal line below the music info that notes, "-06.05," has traveling dot followed by continuing blue line? I spent half an hour with the owner's manual and could find nothing about it. Photo attached, I hope. Thank you for any light that can be shed on this.
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    2019 CX-5: Always chilly, "draft" around legs when trying to use heater. Why!?

    So we bought a new CX-5, 2019, a year ago June. We're 85 miles from dealer, so don't go by there much. As we got into winter, Fall of 2019, we noticed we always had a slight cold draft around our legs, below our knees. We spent most of last winter working with heater controls, figuring we...
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    2019 CX-5 - best way to clean waffle grill?

    When we began to like the CX-5, I immediately noticed on the 2019's they have a waffle grill that looked horrible to get clean if bugs came to be a problem. We bought the car; love it and yup, this grill is bad for cleaning. How do all of you deal with this? I'm headed out tomorrow to buy a...
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    2019 CX-5: How do I open key fob to replace battery?

    Spent 45 minutes looking in owner's manual trying to find out how to open key fob to replace battery. Fob has been used for just on one year, and today instrument panel displayed that the fob battery was running low. Removing the key from fob doesn't show me much. I hate to just begin prying...
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    CX-5 interior, cleaning product recommendations?

    Our CX-5 is a year old now. Still under 8K miles. We live on an old farm and things get really dusty here. Can't excape it. We're looking for recommendations for clearning interior door panels, dash, etc. Any tips? What do all of you use? Thanks, Dennis in EASTERN WA state
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    2019 CX-5 low, rear red reflectors: Replace w/ lighted brake/tail units?

    I'm really interested in this. Have seen after market lamp conversions for the red reflectors located on rear of our CX-5, - the ones on each side, near tail pipes. My only feelings about the appearance of the back of the CX is that it is pretty plain, especially compared to some of the...
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    2019 CX-5: found Trip A&B display, but won't go back to just full mileage display. ?

    2019 CX-5: found Trip A&B display, but won't go back to just full mileage display. ? Just hit 1,000 miles on our new CX-5, 2019. Center instrument did not display Trip A and/or Trip B odometer info, but discovered how to switch to it with, "info," button on left steering wheel spoke. Works...
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    '19 CX-5 Front end appearance care/cleaning Q: grill black areas tips?

    I really appreciate input from my previous post on how to care for paint on our new CX-5, with 655 miles on it. I feel much better now, thank you all. Next, my question is how do you all deal with the Grill??? When looking at this car initially, the first thing my wife said is, "how in the...
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    New CX-5; 655 miles. Looking for tips on initial wax, care, etc.

    Doing, "search," here didn't bring up what I was looking for, so...... Finally did it. Bought first ever Mazda, a CX-5 from Foothills Mazda, Spokane, Washington state. Has 655 miles on it now. Did NOT buy dealer sales pitch for high priced extended warranty policies OR their $800 initial...
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    Our new CX-5: brake dust on wheels, care, future pad selection?

    Spent a couple hours on, "search," here and did not see what I am looking for. Our new CX-5 has now 655 miles on it. Within the first 300 miles I noticed a lot of dark brake dust/residue on the alloy wheels. Didn't surprise me, except the extent of it. Seems more than I'm used to. So maybe...