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    Stuck brake rotor

    Same thing happened to me with my 2014. Drivers side rotor took over an hour to get off. Soak it with wd-40 or any other nut buster fluid you can get in there, squirt it in the bolt holes, the stud holes, and around the hub. Tap the rotor in the center while turning it to try to jar it loose...
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    Pep Boys refuses used oil

    Yep, there's always some one trying to take advantage of the situation getting rid of stuff where it doesn't belong. Occasionally I'll use a pay car wash to rinse the car and every once in a while the stalls will be closed because some one tried changing oil in the stalls and let the oil drain...
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    CX-5 suspension control arm failure

    The vehicle could've been subjected to a lot of driving on rough roads before or maybe a strut wore out and maybe developed a leak causing excessive movement on the suspension, lots of reasons for a ball joint to wear out prematurely.
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    33k on odo and dealer says I need new rear pads/rotors

    yep, on my 2016. My 2014 CX5, with no EPB, had the rear pads replaced at 32k miles. lots of stories like that on here for cars before 2016 if you look.
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    33k on odo and dealer says I need new rear pads/rotors

    Typical for the CX5, you actually got better wear than I did....
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    2019 CX-5 Diesel Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Curious, what's the outside temp when you tow? I don't tow and my trans temps are around 207 when I go up a mountain, outside ambient temp was around 92 F after driving 15 miles.
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    Where is the 2015 CX-5 starter?

    a load test can be done in the car, I do it regularly in hot weather on my older batteries
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    Where is the 2015 CX-5 starter?

    Let's try another question, do you have any idea how old the battery is? Does it look original? If it's over 4 years old or it's the original battery then it's time for a new one. Almost all electrical problem diagnosing starts with a strong battery.
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    2019 CX-5 Diesel Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    I've not seen this 30k mile recommendation, but if it's being put out by Mazda then it's probably where you should be. They obvious know that higher fluid temps lead to shorter fluid life. The old rule of thumb was (many years ago) that for every 20 degrees of increase of fluid operating...
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    2019 CX-5 Diesel Aftermarket Transmission Cooler

    Higher temps are generated because he is towing up hills, just the fact that he is towing at all will generate higher temps. If the OP can't find a suitable cooler, and it's amazing after all these years that one still isn't available, then the best thing to do would be to have an aggressive...
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    Strange Brake Pad Wear

    and if that procedure doesn't work they'll probably recommend a BFH....
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    Strange Brake Pad Wear

    Uneven brake wear is a big topic on this forum for many years. I'm on my second CX5 and have seen uneven brake wear on both of them. When I bought my second one new, I took the front calipers off and lubed everything up good, still got uneven brake wear 20k miles later. I just chalk it up to a...
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    0w20 or 5w20

    If you wanted to stick with an 0w-20 this is a great oil though kind of pricey. It's a true PAO oil (real synthetic), NOAK at 7.5. I've seen it referenced quite often on BITOG website and has full credentials for warranty...
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    Cross shop CX-5 with 2022 Hyundai Tucson?

    Lol, been like that for years....
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    Inner driver's side tire wear

    You're right. It's odd there's no wear from the other tires. If you have a bad alignment, the other tires will show wear where the specs are out. Could be just a bad tire, but alignment is the first thing to check.
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    PSA - Consider paying for inspection prior to warranty expiration

    I frequent two Mazda dealers in my area...full circle inspection is a joke. you don't even get a check off sheet over half the time. I can tell you for a fact that trans fluid level is almost never checked....
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    Mazda CX-5 Appreciation Moment

    Fantastic vehicle for bad weather. I can't tell you how many bad snow storms she's gotten me through in my 25 mile trek to and from work. Really appreciate it.
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    PE01-14-302A-MV (Value Product) Oil Filter?

    The spots really are almost negligible, but there is a lot of paint over spray in the area, still makes for a bad seal IMO.