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  1. Mazdiod2

    Mazda CX-5 passed the 20K units per month

    I read this ... "The 2021 Mazda CX-5 and Subaru Forester crossovers both passed the 20K units per month mark in May. Here is a look at how successful the CX-5 model has become for Mazda. In May, Mazda reported sales of 20,595 units of its highly successful CX-5 crossover. This marks the first...
  2. Mazdiod2

    How should I wire my overhead console LED?

    I added another LED to my overhead console (16.5 sport) in the center section where the sunroof switch section is. I removed the small panel and attached a socket. I'm having trouble inserting image here but the file is attached. I get three levels of light now. Full bright - dim white plus red...
  3. Mazdiod2

    12v meter from Amazon

    I ordered this 12v meter from Amazon. Took exactly a week for free delivery so that's good. I also ordered a five pack of the little 12v mini dislays for $10. I need to find a good location. It fits in a round hole so that should make it easier. Anybody try this?
  4. Mazdiod2

    Discount Tire flash sale 4/13-14

    Discount tire is having a flash sale w/ $50 off and free shipping. It seems like a good deal. I used their tire selector and when I get to the check out it has the wrong zip code. I can't figure out how to get the zip code changed. They seem to be pushing the shipping, a lot like Tire rack...
  5. Mazdiod2

    How is Discount Tires doing?

    I'm looking at new tires. I read that Discount Tires is open for business but they want you to order online. I used their Tire Finder on the web site. It could be more helpful as although I clicked on Touring tires it proceeded to show several studdable ice tires. The web site said they prefer...
  6. Mazdiod2

    REVIEW: Apex rooftop cargo box

    I bought this APEX rooftop cargo box from Amazon for about $180. It is now available from eTrailer for $168. This box is one of the lower priced available and while it has some shortcomings it fits well and adds considerable storage for travel or camping. "46-5/8 x 27-3/8 x 17-5/16. Roof box...
  7. Mazdiod2

    Infinity QX with bumper mounted blinkers

    I saw an Infinity QX with bumper mounted blinkers. It looked new and had dealer plates. The rear bumper had tri color lights that blinked amber when it turned but the tailgate lights didn't light during braking. The brakes illuminated the tailgate stop lights but not the bumper mounted red...