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    2016 CX-9 20 inch rims turning black

    My wheels are losing the clear coat and are partially dark. They look like crap. Also a 2016 - the top of the rear door is also bubbling a little.
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    Power Seat works, but very loud noise

    Drivers seat bottom back/forth power adjustment works, but it makes a very loud noise. I checked and there isn't anything stock on the rails. Sounds like the motor is under heavy load with or without anyone on the seat. I just had my oil change and won't be back at the dealership for another 5...
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    2022 CX-9 EV?

    I've been looking at several car reviews online and it seems like everyone is updating their vehicles. Their designs are fresh, provide innovation and look great in my opinion, then Mazda releases the MX-30 EV which looks not up-to par with the competition. If 2022 doesn't bring a new model...
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    16+ CX9 Snow chains/snow cables

    Thoughts on these? Will it be enough clearance? I’ve never used chains before. Chains on 20”
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    Ideas for restoring wheel finish / appearance?

    So a few years ago I had these repaired due to some scratches. It appears it didn’t take well. What other solutions are out there? Repaint them? Sand them and make them black? Or leave them as is?
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    I finally got a change to install the chains on my 2016 GT with 20" ... What do you guys think of the clearance? is it safe? The install was easier that I thought. I drove in a straight line back and forth from my driveway to the middle of the road... I read it's not good to drive them on dried...
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    Thanks - I’ll have to look up what tread and section width are. The 2016 manual has the information in the notes section. It’s not really a warning or at least not labeled as such. I plan to call the dealer and ask and try on the chains in my driveway when I receive them. They also sell a...
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    In California, yes. I live in San Diego and when it snows in the mountains in Julian chains are required no matter what car you have. I’ve never been yet, but read enough plus the news always says you must have chains before going.
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    Check with CHP. Chains are required in California. No matter if you have a 4x4 with snow tires or not.
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    Probably not. I might’ve signed something similar back in 2016, can’t remember, but it sounds familiar. I’ll look into snow cables. I think this is such a design flaw. No one reads the manual prior to purchasing and you can’t anticipate when you would need chains in your vehicle. People move...
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    Thanks - That is awfully close
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    Chains on 20" wheels?

    I bought these set of chains to keep in my car for emergencies, in case I ever need to drive in sand or put them on (required in CA) to drive up in the mountains when it snows. I read the manual and there is a note that says: I'm not planning on switching my tires to R18, but I'm curious to...
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    Is this normal window operation?

    Thanks for the reply. To clarify, the when the lock is on, the driver window can still be operated, but the passenger or rear windows cannot. Perhaps my memory has bee failing me and I haven't been driving much lately, but I thought with the lock on, the driver had the power to operate everyone...
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    Is this normal window operation?

    Edit: I have the window lock key pressed because I don’t want my kids opening the windows. Today, I realized that I couldn’t open the windows either? I could swear that they should still work for me, the driver while keeping everyone else’s disabled. Am I wrong?
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    Any Word on the 2020 CX-9 Changes?

    The Kia Telluride has shorter and has more cargo and leg room than the CX-9
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    CX-9 Brake Life

    I'm nearing 28K miles and I've been hearing squeaking from my front brakes for weeks now...last time I went to the dealer they told me I was at 40%? (it was orange).... No way in hell they're lasting 80K. I live in Southern California...some hills, nothing crazy. I hit a few lights on the way to...
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    Mazda developing staight-six engines

    Have you ever driven in inclement weather with a RWD vehicle? AWD > FWD > RWD ... actually if it's snowing, you're better off not driving an RWD.
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    Question for CX-9 2016+ Owners

    Ok. I didn*t mention it because you asked about plastics. I took my car twice to the dealer due toncreaking noises from the front. The first time it was some bushings they had to replace and it solved part of the problem. The second time they replaced a ball joint and the noises stopped.