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    Rockauto closeout prices

    Rockauto.com has some Protege5 parts on sale. https://www.rockauto.com/RSS/vehiclefeeds.php?carcode=1387447&m=wc&l=en&html=true
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    Rockauto wholesale closeout parts

    Here's a link to some parts for the P5 that are on sale. https://www.rockauto.com/RSS/vehiclefeeds.php?carcode=1387447&m=wc&l=en&html=true
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    A bump for anyone needing a new timing belt

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    Bring Back The Mazda MP3!

    I think Mazda should bing back the MP3 or something sporty like it that is only available as a standard / manual. Keeping it as simple as possible. A big step away from a Google car. For people like me that only want to drive a standard. They could start an instant cult following for only...
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    Be carefull when installing new brake pads !!

    I noticed when greasing my front caliper slider pins that my brake piston dust boot had a big rip in it. I checked my parts car and it had the same rip in the same spot. These are pictures of my parts car with the brake piston siezed part way out. I realized that when you install new pads...
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    Rockauto 5% discount code

    Here's a code for a 5% discount at Rockauto. It's been a while and they miss me. I guess that's a good thing. It means my car has been behaving.
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    How do you get the upper oil pan off ?

    I've got all the bolts off that I can see but I think the two labeled "bolt" are inside ?? Do I have to separate the block from the transmission to get to them ?
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    PCB's Unbuild Thread

    After almost 8 years on this forum, I've decided to start a build thread of sorts. I have no interest in mods and have very little knowledge of them. I'm going to focus on regular maintenance stuff including my ongoing battle against rust. I also have a parts car that I want to take apart. I...
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    How do you remove the IAC ??

    Do you need to remove the throttle body to remove it ?? EDIT.. I found out hat you just reach with a screwdriver and remove it A JIS screwdriver is recommended because a Phillips might strip it. https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/showthread.php?123831185-cleaning-the-iac-valve
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    I Put My Snow Tires On !!

    I decided to put the snow tires on early because I didn't want to put them on when it's cold and crappy out. I ended up with this... I don't really care about esthetics but this was looking pretty crappy so I decided to take them off and clean them up a bit and give the a half-assed paint...
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    Rockauto discount code...

    I just got a new 5% discount code for Rockauto... It says to share with friends... So here goes...
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    I got my car "Krowned" again.

    I took my car in for it's yearly undercoating...
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    I fixed up my headlights.

    A quick sanding and some clear coat... Looks a lot better. I fixed my antenna too !! I just cut off the old rotten rubber. I'm kinda diggin the new look !!
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    What's with my tires ??

    I put my summer tires back on but noticed that two of them had weird tread wear. I forget whether the two came off the front or rear of the car when I took them off last fall. Could a bad alignment cause this ?? I would expect scrubbing type marks. This looks like the tire is...
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    Rock Auto discount code...

    RockAuto Discount Code !;!! and share the code with anyone you know who works on cars or trucks.
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    Oops... I sprung a leak...

    I got in my car today to find this... The rusty part on the corner of the roof must have rusted through. I'm gonna try pulling up a part of the molding the filling it with silicone. The water is dripping down on to my fog light switch and dimmer dial,.. Not good...
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    I Am Not Trapped !!!

    ... it's just a bit of snow... A good set of snow tires and we're good to go...
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    My power mirror switch crapped out !!

    It would only go up or left, not down or right, so I took it apart to see if I could fix it. Once I got to this point I realized it wasn't coming apart any further without breaking it or some serious plastic surgery... I was thinking it was just a bad connection on...
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    Rear caliper dissection

    I was curious about how my rear calipers and adjusters work so I took one off my parts car and disassembled it. First was the adjuster screw under the bolt. A magnet works great to pull it out. The adjuster worked to push the piston out all the way then I could remove it. This is the...