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  1. Chocolate

    Mazda Prototype on Public Road

    Looks to me to be sized between CX-5 and CX-9. The fact that they are testing on public roads means they intended the "spy shots" to become public. https://tflcar.com/2021/05/next-gen-mazda-cx-5-cx-50-spotted-news/
  2. Chocolate

    Off Topic GTA V vs Cyberpunk 2077 details

    2077 does well in some areas and comparisons, but generally, the game from 2013 has better or superior AI, game, and graphic details. There are a lot of examples where Cyberpunk tried to copy the GTA formula, but didn't get the same end result. The details make a difference in game immersion. I...
  3. Chocolate

    Off Topic $615,000 Sneakers

    https://www.cnn.com/style/article/michael-jordan-sneakers-auction-christies-scli-intl-spt/index.html You could buy a nice house for that. The super-rich piss away 600K like it's nothing.
  4. Chocolate

    Mazda to expand MX-30 range, gas-hybrid MX-30 coming

    https://www.forbes.com/sites/peterlyon/2020/07/31/mazda-surprises-with-world-premiere-of-hybrid-version-of-mx-30-electric-suv-at-rare-car-event/ Not a bad idea, to better recoup the costs of the program and also improves Mazda's corporate average fuel economy. Mazda's current lineup is entirely...
  5. Chocolate

    Off Topic Favorite Websites?

    What are some of your favorite or most visited websites? www.youtube.com I use Youtube a lot both on my PC and Samsung 4K TV. Some of my Subscriptions are: Doug Demuro savagegeese Autogefuhl Carwow NBC Nightly News www.autotrader.com I have some searches saved on my favorites bar for...
  6. Chocolate

    Report: Diesel CX-5 Discontinued

    Not official, but all signs are definitely pointing to it. As the article correctly states, we are just about in July and there has still been no need for any 2020 Diesel CX-5 production. This was a lesson for Mazda. Gasoline is king in the U.S...
  7. Chocolate

    What are these rubber pieces?

    I have noticed the CX-5 and CX-9 have 4 small rubber pieces hanging below the rear lower control arms. What are these? They aren't structural and are made of flexible rubber. Vortex generators?
  8. Chocolate

    Off Topic Riot Photos: America is in chaos

    This looks exactly like the opening scene of Predator 2: Los Angeles Police Department commander Cory Palka stands among several destroyed police cars as one explodes while on fire during a protest over the death of George Floyd Saturday, May 30, 2020
  9. Chocolate

    Rental CX-5s showing up on Autotrader

    I recently searched for 2019 CX-5s on Autotrader to check resale values. I noticed that if you sort by price low to high, there are a ton of newly listed rental cars. Take a look and see how many there are. There don't appear to be any turbo models (GT-R/Signature) with rental histories. Due to...
  10. Chocolate

    CX-5 Crash Tests and Copart Wrecks

    Someone recently made a thread showing a Copart wreck and I thought it would be interesting to compile such wrecks, along with crash tests. I like to see how the vehicle performs in tests and the real world. Feel free to contribute videos or pics. 50mph rear impact test 2013 Mazda CX-5...
  11. Chocolate

    Off Topic Amazing quality on early Model Y builds

    I am not a Tesla hater. I watch the company with great interest and they deserve full credit for starting the EV movement. However, the quality issues are abundant, which I why I bought a Japanese car. My 2019 CX 5 AWD was under US $26k with the factory hitch, so it was cheaper than any new...
  12. Chocolate

    Mislabeled CX in Milwaukee

    This CX-5 is listed as a Sport AWD, but it is actually a Grand Touring AWD. 33K MSRP, asking price 22,494 with 6.6k miles, could be a good deal. Also listed on Autotrader. https://www.russdarrowchrysler.net/used/Mazda/2019-Mazda-Mazda+CX-5-Milwaukee+WI-f424e2f90a0e0ae73fbd571ce586e7e6.htm...
  13. Chocolate

    2020 Consumer Reports Reliability Rankings of CX-5 and a few competitors

    I recently re-subscribed to CR. Their rankings are not perfect, but they do have the biggest reliability survey and have a long history of good testing. Here's the CX-5 rankings and a few competitors I'd consider, most of them are a bit larger, but at a similar or slightly higher price point...
  14. Chocolate

    Do you take better care of your car than yourself?

    Honest question. Anonymous poll. I voted yes.
  15. Chocolate

    Rear Differential Oil Change

    Does anyone have a copy of the rear differential change procedure for the 2017+ CX-5? I believe the "Mazda Long Life HYPOID Gear Oil SG1" is the correct oil, and 1 quart should be sufficient. Are there any other parts I need? This is something that should be simple to do. There is one online...
  16. Chocolate

    CX-5 Facebook Group

    There is a very active CX-5 group on Facebook, another poster mentioned this a while back. You have to request to join, but save the link. Another source of information. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1541413606071616/
  17. Chocolate

    Next Gen CX-5 Design and Content Suggestions

    I hadn't seen this thread posted yet, so I thought I'd create it. The current CX-5 debuted in 2017, so the redesign has not been finalized yet. This is the busiest CX-5 forum on the internet, so I'd like to compile your suggestions. I'm going to send this to the leadership at MNAO and Mazda...
  18. Chocolate

    Message from the President

  19. Chocolate

    Visualization video of 2.5L turbo engine technology

    Found this interesting video by Mazda that explains some of the working principles of the 2.5T.