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  1. Supercrewbear

    CX-30 Passenger Airbag Light question

    I put a piece of black electrical tape over those lights (on the overhead console) because I found them annoying. I did that within a couple days of having my now 15 month old CX-30. I haven't had an issue since. 🤪
  2. Supercrewbear

    Deciding on the CX-30 Against Other Cars

    With all the comparisons in this thread between the CX-30 and Audi I thought I'd show some Photoshopping I did. I have a friend who's had several Audi sedans and SUVs over the years - I thought I'd play with him a little. I'm not very good at editing photos but these aren't too bad. 🙃
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  5. Supercrewbear

    Deciding on the CX-30 Against Other Cars

    My original choices was either a CX-5 or a Porsche Panamera. Really. I had a Panamera in Germany several years ago and enjoyed it A LOT. When I discovered the CX-30 and started reading about them (they weren't for sale here yet) I switched gears. I still liked the idea of the larger CX-5 but...
  6. Supercrewbear

    Been following MotorTrend's long term CX-30 test...

    I'm sitting here in my recliner and the window sticker for my CX-30 is still laying on my side table...from almost a year ago... I've never really read it other that to see what the total price was and maybe the fuel use estimates. The two items I see listed regarding "lanes"are 1) Lane...
  7. Supercrewbear

    Electronic parking brake

    The parking brake can be released manually. 🤪 All one has to do is press down on the parking brake button - the amber colored light should go off. I've gotten to where I do it as a matter of course after putting the car into gear. That way I never have any hunkering up or down. 🙃
  8. Supercrewbear

    Ok so I painted the wheel cladding

    It's already a contrasting color!
  9. Supercrewbear

    Ok so I painted the wheel cladding

    Did they remove the cladding to paint it or painted on the car? It's making me ponder doing my Polymetal Gray CX-30. Thanks for showing your results!
  10. Supercrewbear

    Code U0155 on my 2006 Mazda3 S Grand Touring 2.3

    I've had this car for 14 years and it's been relatively trouble free. This isn't major, but annoying. In the past 2-3 weeks I've been getting a Check Engine light on startup, but not every time. It's usually after the car has either sat overnight or for several days. I have cleared the U0155...
  11. Supercrewbear

    Things I noticed in the CX-30

    I don't know about the base model but on my Premium one can kind of "goose" the gas a little once you have the transmission in reverse or drive and the emergency/parking brake will disengage by itself. I don't particularly like that so I usually just hit the release button myself.
  12. Supercrewbear

    What did you pay for your CX-30?

    About a week before buying my CX-30 at a Dallas area dealership I went to the Mazda store in Texarkana, TX to have a look. This particular dealership has multiple brands (Cadillac and maybe Buick too) in separate buildings. When I went into the Mazda building there was absolutely nobody there...
  13. Supercrewbear

    Show us your CX-30

    Yes, that's Polymetal Gray. I just bought one (see it in Post #7 in this thread) and the color totally does it for me. In some light it will really look gray (light or dark depending on the light) and at other times it will have a blueish look. Love the color! I was originally going to get a...
  14. Supercrewbear

    Show us your CX-30

    Your wife has a nice one! Did you do the calipers yourself? They look great!
  15. Supercrewbear

    What did you pay for your CX-30?

    I didn't end up buying the above car after all. I didn't really want the Soul Red as it was too much like the color of the Mazda3 (Copper Red) I've been driving for 14 years... They had an identical white car but didn't want to knock very much off of its price at all. So I went to a different...
  16. Supercrewbear

    Show us your CX-30

    An AWD Polymetal Gray (looks blue-ish to me) that I picked up last week. I only took a short test drive at the dealership and have since driven it about 150 miles - it's drives very nicely and is much quieter than expected. It's not my daily driver and I own two other Mazdas I bought new - a...
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