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  1. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 CX-9 Ignition Key Cover Differences?

    Is there anybody out there with a first gen CX-9 that does not have the smart-key system, and uses a regular blade key to start the vehicle? I am looking for an image of your ignition cylinder cover. I want to see how they differ from the keyless version. Here is mine, which (originally) uses...
  2. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Changing From Smart-Key Fob To Chip Key

    Tired of my smart-key fob not working, so considering going old skool with chip keys. Has anybody tossed their credit card style smart-key fob in the garbage and gone to a chip key? I need to make sure it is possible before I go down this path. My Mazda dealer doesn't think it is possible...
  3. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 CX-9 Smart Key Light...Flashing Red?

    Searched the net and manuals but couldn't find my answer. On the key-fob, the red led flashes at different rates, and I am curious on what it is trying to tell me. When it is communicating with the vehicle, it flashes every 6 seconds or so. This morning I noticed it flashing rapidly, about 3 or...
  4. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Adding CX-9 Hood Struts

    Who out there has put hood struts on their first gen CX-9? I see a few kits out there, but don't like where they locate the struts. Might try and replicate this kit: https://allegro.pl/oferta/silowniki-teleskopy-maski-zestaw-mazda-cx-9-i-tb-10460783065
  5. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 CX-9 Rear Park Lamp Inoperative...Fixable?

    This morning I noticed that my left rear inner park lamp was out. I know these are factory LED, so there may not be anything that can be done, but has anybody had their's go out and were you able to fix it? I suspect I may be looking for a full replacement.
  6. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Power Liftgate stopped working properly, thoughts?

    2009 GT. The power liftgate has been working good for the past year, then today when I got home, press the dash button to open it, it opens about 6", beeps, then slowly drops and latches shut. I thought maybe I was to close to the garage door, so I moved, and the same thing happened. Opened...
  7. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 CX-9 Address Book Sync With iPhone

    2009 CX-9 Grand Touring w/Bose iPhone 11 Tried (for the first time) to sync my iPhone address book with the car, and all I got was "failed to sync". Tried 4 more times with the same result. Any ideas what else one can do?
  8. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Lowered CX-9

    Been a long wait, but finally got the 9 lowered. I started researching this topic over a year ago when I first bought her, and bought the coils back in March. Life then threw me a curve ball, so I had to put this topic on the backburner. Thankfully I was able to get them installed this week (a...
  9. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Rear Caliper Bolts

    I did my brakes on the weekend, and one thing needs to be clarified. On the rears, on the caliper bolts, one has a rubber guide and one doesn't. I was motoring and didn't pay attention to the location they came out of. Both bolts are identical except for this guide. Question: does it matter if...
  10. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 iPod Connector

    I used the iPod conector (hanging in the glove box) last week. Went to use it the other day and the iPod was dead. Can anybody confirm that the connector does not charge an iPod device when connected?
  11. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Fog Light Beam Pattern

    Bit of a long shot, but does anybody have a picture showing the beam of their fog lights? I recently installed some LED bulbs, and am now noticing a strange dark area on the left side..... Also, when I look at the car head on, the left light appears to a tiny bit brighter, almost like the LED...
  12. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Lowering Springs

    Who's done it? Looking to see if there are any negative effects (vibration etc). I grabbed some H&R springs, but want to make sure there are no issues when lowering these rides.
  13. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Fuel Door Release

    Has anybody had their fuel door release stay in the "open" position? Mine is that way, and was so when I bought the car last summer. When you pull the release lever, that all appears to work properly. I suspect that the end of the cable that latches to the fuel door is jammed in it's sleeve...
  14. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Spark Plugs

    Looking at new spark plugs, so wondering if the 3.7 prefers a certain brand or style. Had good luck with iridium in the past on other engines. Open to suggestions, so I only have to do this job once. :)
  15. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Exhaust Tips

    Has anybody changed the exhaust tips on a 2007-2012 CX-9? The ones with the ugly trapeziodal tips? Looking at changing them to a single or dual round, but based on the size of the notch in the bumper, dual may be the better choice. Thinking the tips need to be angled to match the curve of the...
  16. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Wheel Time

    Haven't been this excited for a long time. :) Touren TF02 p/n: 3502-2965GT35 style: 3502 size: 20x9 finish: graphite bolt pattern: 5x114.3 offfset: +35 center bore: 72.60mm
  17. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Run Wires Through Firewall

    Searched but didn't see anything. Anybody run wires through the firewall? Any grommets or holes already there? Did a quick look but didn't see anything that jumped out at me. Just need something small for two 14ga wires.
  18. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Headlight Improvement

    Anybody else find that their headlights suck? I did an HID projector retrofit in my previous car and they were awesome. I figured the CX-9 having factory HID projectors would be great, but I am so disappointed with their output. I was going to upgrade the bulbs, but they are already Osram...
  19. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 LED Rear Signals

    Has anybody successfully installed 3156 amber LED's in the rear signals, with built in load resistors? Space is tight, and don't want to splice into the wiring if I don't have to. If I have no other choice, I might just splice into the trailer wiring.
  20. Bronco Boy

    First Gen: HID Bulb Replacement

    Upgrading the headlight bulbs, and currently working on the drivers side. Old HID (D2S) bulb is out, and new one is in. The problem is that the spring clip that holds the bulb in place, isn't holding the bulb in place. I can wiggle the bulb by hand; probably a 1/16" of play. The old bulb does...