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  1. JSB33

    Been following MotorTrend's long term CX-30 test...

    Been following the Long Term test of a CX-30 in MotorTrend, safe to say they hate the car. The reviewer finds the car mush, too tiring to drive in a straight line, He was so drained after a road trip that he was "overly wired for the next several hours." Evidently the adaptive cruise control is...
  2. JSB33

    Mazda in Miniature

    Besides being a big fan of Mazda, I am also a diecast collector and have been able to add a couple CX-5's to my collection in the same colors as my 1:1's. Both are 1:43 scale.
  3. JSB33

    Out with the old and in with the new

    Had nothing but a good experience with my 2016.5 CX-5 GT but thought I would look at the new ones partly because of the incentives. Long story short I don't have my car anymore (And yes, I do miss it) but in its place is a 2020 CX-5 Signature. As someone who firmly preferred the old gen to...
  4. JSB33

    How is your stream?

    On my rear window washer I get more of a stream (Like taking a leak) than a spray like I have had in all my past cars. Is this normal for Mazda or does it need an adjustment?
  5. JSB33

    I solved my issue with the OEM front mudflap

    Before I bought them I knew the fronts were going to be small compared to the rears, I did not know how ridiculously small and ineffective they were going to be. A total waste of money in my opinion. Since I foolishly mounted them there was no sending them back, so I improvised with a $10 set of...
  6. JSB33

    Scale model CX-5

    Just picked up a 1:43 CX-5 from a Chinese ebay seller.