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  1. MyFirstMazda

    What happened to the wheels and brakes section?

    Wasn't there a Wheels and Brakes section where people talked about wheels and brakes? Anyway, I rotated my tires and my back brakes look to have 25% left on them, and my front brakes look to have 80% left on them. Is this typical?
  2. MyFirstMazda

    Off Topic Propane Tanks

    Talking about gouging, the price of the small propane tanks is going through the roof. The exception is Walmart who sells them for $3.97. Amazon Lowes Walmart
  3. MyFirstMazda

    Pep Boys refuses used oil

    Today I went to recycle 5 quarts of used motor oil. I went to Pep Boys, my go to place for years, and to my dismay they said "We no longer accept used motor oil, because people were bringing junk and gasoline in their bottles and we were fined for having the junk and gasoline in our tank". It...
  4. MyFirstMazda

    Windshield water catch loose

    So when checking my oil cold and then hot (the reading was the same btw) I noticed that my water collection cowl was loose. I do not remember it being loose before. I took a picture of it from the last time I changed my oil, and today. A firm push made it click in place. Can a super hard...
  5. MyFirstMazda

    Sarah -n- Tuned CX-5 review

    She has interesting content, I think worth watching. She likes the CX-5.
  6. MyFirstMazda

    Mazda3 2.5T Sarah -n- Tuned Mazda3 Review

    She is worth watching, she is funny and has interesting content. Here she is reviewing a Mazda3 Turbo AWD.
  7. MyFirstMazda

    More stringent car emissions coming...

    "Biden’s climate plan includes the promise to reinstate and advance more stringent fuel economy standards that were implemented during the Obama administration but rolled back by Trump. Under the 2012 Obama rules, automakers had to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for passenger and light-duty...
  8. MyFirstMazda

    Rim coating issue

    I aired up my tires today and the rim coating on one tire pealed away in two places. I am unaware of hitting the rim on anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there an adhesive that I can use to glue it back on?
  9. MyFirstMazda

    Back Up Lights

    I bought replacement bulbs that advertise that they are very bright. But looking at my rear light, it looks like there are two bulbs in the back up portion. Plus, the back up light area is so small it looks like it couldn't put out much light. Has anyone replaced their 2018 CX-5 back up lights...
  10. MyFirstMazda

    Shark Fin Antenna oops

    In my haste, I pressed the garage door button and the garage door stopped before opening full, and when I backed out, my antenna hit the garage door and it is now loose. Does anyone have experience with taking off or reattaching the shark fin antenna?
  11. MyFirstMazda

    Circles/squares on your Mazda are not for towing or pulling onto flatbed

    As per this video, the narrator explains that the 'tow bar' access areas through the bumpers are not to be used. Ever. They were used for securing the cars while transporting them to the USA.
  12. MyFirstMazda

    Tire Rotation Vid and Q

    Question about the rear jacking point. In the Mazda picture it shows a circle with the fin area in the center of the circle, of the rear differential for the awd model. There are two protrusions there on the 2018 that are threaded. I used those as the jack point. Is this correct? There is also a...
  13. MyFirstMazda

    What led backup bulbs did people pick?

    I want to replace my backup bulbs to something brighter, so the backup cam and rear visibility is better when in reverse. How many people did this? What led bulbs did you use? Is it easy to replace the backup bulbs on the gen2 CX-5?
  14. MyFirstMazda

    Off Topic Toyota recalling almost 700,000 cars. Bad fuel pump.

    That's a lot of cars. Recall
  15. MyFirstMazda

    Mazda Nav is so stupid sometimes

    I tried to enter a destination address and the stupid Mazda nav just can't figure it out. Even though I put in a NJ zip code it thinks it is in NY, and then it says it is 16 miles away (spin). I will have to bring my portable GPS for navigation to this particular address. Also there is no way to...
  16. MyFirstMazda

    For those people who changed their battery, did you use a memory savor?

    I guess my question is, can the battery be disconnected and reconnected with no ill effects other than the clock? Some cars may not start after the battery is disconnected and reconnected. I was thinking of getting a memory savor but maybe it is not really necessary.
  17. MyFirstMazda

    Retro video of 2013 CX-5

    It was a nice car even back then.
  18. MyFirstMazda

    Custom Funnel for Oil Changes

    This funnel might be worth considering to get. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ed7877DMfk
  19. MyFirstMazda

    It's a miracle! Scotty likes the gen2 Mazda CX-5

  20. MyFirstMazda

    Rear Door Drainage

    I made a video showing how the rear doors don't drain good while the doors are closed. The front doors drain fine when closed. Anyway, it can potentially lead to rust. Opening them to drain after getting soaking wet, and hitting them with an anti-rust oil should prevent any potential rust...