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  1. inanimate

    Drone mobile vs Remote

    Anyone have opinions on the value of using Drone Mobile w/ LTE vs a 3000' 2 way remote? The biggest perk I see is not having to carry around a second fob, but that service fee sure adds up over the years.
  2. inanimate

    Intermittent Liftgate Problem

    I have a 2020 GT and my gate also stops lifting about 60% of the time now. I also have a dealer installed hitch which is already making the hands free control hard to use. They replaced the module that was draining the battery in the last recall, but this had no effect on the lift gate problem...
  3. inanimate

    What's your winter rim/tire setup?

    Mazda M011 19" with Blizzak DM-V2s https://mazdashop.ca/collections/wheels/products/mazda-m011-alloy-wheel-gloss-gunmetal-16-17-18-19?variant=41871360579
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  5. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    Those tuxmats look amazing. Really bummed that they don't make a captain's chair compatible set. I emailed them and they said they're not interested in making those. I assume the market is just too small for that specific style.
  6. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    I picked up the mats yesterday and my initial take is that they feel way lower quality than the tuxmats. They're pretty thin and have a plasticky feel, and feel a tiny bit slippery under my feet. I thought about just ordering 1st row tux mats but they were out of stock, so I just bit the bullet...
  7. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    The super weird thing is that I can't find Maxspider brand mats that have the same coverage as the Mazda OEM ones. I'd rather skip the OEM premium but feel like my hands are tied as we're already well into a pretty wet winter up here.
  8. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    My plan is to pick these up this Saturday so I’ll post an update after that. I’ve owned the own liners for the CX-5 from 2014 and they were pretty good. My brother got Tuxmats for his RDX and they’re really nice. I wish they made mats for the captains chair equipped CX-9.
  9. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    Mazdashop sent me these images of the Canadian Premium floor liners today which look pretty good. They are pricey compared to the Maxpider though...
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  12. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    How easily did the mat cut? I'm really torn on which all-weather mats to get right now for my Captains chair equipped CX-9. I would really rather have all weather coverage between the second row seats though.
  13. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    These may just be a Canadian option? But I had similar OEM floor liners for my CX-5 back in 2014. Legit Mazda OEM, but maybe local to the market. We also have the rubbery looking mats that you showed on Mazda Swag as another option.
  14. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    Just saw that Mazdashop is showing the Mazda OEM floor liners with Captain's chair with or without center console now...
  15. inanimate

    All weather mats question

    How are the third row mats? I'm pretty torn. Winter is here and I really want all weather mats, but paying $300+ for crappy fitting mats sucks.
  16. inanimate

    Poll CX-9 Folding Cargo Tray: OEM vs Husky vs ?

    Looking forward to seeing the maxpider review because the OEM Mat now seems pretty crappy too. My old CX-5 oem trunk mat was great but it didn’t have to deal with side cubbies or folding seats.
  17. inanimate

    Poll CX-9 Folding Cargo Tray: OEM vs Husky vs ?

    Alright. This took a while but I finally not only put in the husky, but also took some time to cut up all the places I needed to and try to fit the husky again. Even after 2-3 weeks of summer temperatures helping to soften and flatten the husky, it’s still a bit of an awkward fit. It hasn’t...
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  20. inanimate

    CX-9 for my traveling son?

    What other details might help us here? Does he have kids? Planning to? Road trips? I recently upgraded from a CX-5 to a CX-9 for the third row, more space, and a more luxurious ride. I used to own a Mazda3 that I loved before kids were a thing, and frankly would probably do that again if it...