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  1. Bronco Boy

    Poll 2.5T Coolant Leak/Engine Replacement. What can be done to prevent?

    Ask them if they have a new car they can sell you that will last longer than 137,000 miles. :)
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  4. Bronco Boy

    TCS, traction and BSM lights all on

    I would suspect a bad ABS sensor or wiring. A high end scan tool will corner is having issues, and/or you may have to check for continuity in the wiring harness.
  5. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Smart key partially inoperative

    A bad antenna will not effect they "keyless ignition".
  6. Bronco Boy

    Changing a Key Fob Function

    I thought they operated the same as the first gen; all doors must be unlocked for the tailgate to open.
  7. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 CX-9 2009 Advanced Keyless FOB programming

    FYI, when I had my two keys cut and programmed, both my front doors were open when the programming was done.
  8. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Smart key partially inoperative

    The best option is to do this..... http://chrisb.users.superford.org/Mazda_CX-9/Projects/Smart_Key/Smart_Key.html#JUL30-2021
  9. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Smart key partially inoperative

    Yes and yes. ?????
  10. Bronco Boy

    Tire Replacement - True "All Season" Tire Recommendations?

    You are looking for an All-Weather tire. I have been running the Toyo Celsius for the past 3 years and have been happy with them; they are a little noisy on pavement compared to a standard all-season, but that is to be expected.
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  12. Bronco Boy

    OEM Wheel Locks

    Been selling and using wheel locks for over 30 years and have yet to hear this from a customer.
  13. Bronco Boy

    2007~2015 Smart key partially inoperative

    See post #26.
  14. Bronco Boy

    OEM Wheel Locks

    Yes, OEM = dealer. I see a few on e-Bay.
  15. Bronco Boy

    OEM Wheel Locks

    Don't understand question #1. Question #2, dealer. You might also find dealers selling on e-Bay and Amazon.
  16. Bronco Boy

    2011 CX-9 water pump failure

    An engine rebuilder would for sure.
  17. Bronco Boy

    Upgrading from 18s to 22s 2017 CX-9

    On my old ride, I swapped winter tires for 8 years. I didn't mind at the time and sometimes liked the "winter" look better; thanks to cheap OE wheels. When I got the CX-9, I was tired of swapping rubber (health issues), so I went with an All Weather tire. This will be the third winter and...
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