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    2016 DRL lawsuit

    FYI: https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2019/2016-mazda-cx-5-daytime-running-lights-lawsuit.shtml
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    Door locks gone wild

    So, started about 2 weeks ago. When I open the drivers door with the engine running or ignition on, all the power locks will sometimes cycle or click sometimes for a few seconds. I can sometimes trigger it by wiggling the drivers side door handle. Looks to be the next can't-replicate-problem...
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    Yep, another snow tire thread...

    Man, we just got nailed with one hell of a snow storm today. Weather service, or dis-service in this case, was saying 1 to 3 inches around 11am when it started snowing, ended up with a winter storm warning with 4 to 8 inches with freezing rain and sleet. I left work early at 1 and begin my 25...
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    I traded my 2014 CX 5 in for a 2016.5 model, and now my old car is being sold as a certified Mazda vehicle.The dealer is offering a Carfax report with it that can be opened online which just happens to be missing a few things. Missing was the fact that I actually got hit twice in the back, one...
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    Matching the Soul Red color

    I bought a new 16.5 CX 5 a few weeks ago, Soul Red. One week after I got the vehicle, some one tapped me in the font bumper and took off. The bumper cover and grill had to be replaced and I was worried about the shop matching the paint expertly. I know pictures over the internet don't do...
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    Bought another one!

    Just picked up a 2016...and a half, CX5 Touring. Old one was a 2014 Touring FWD. New one is an AWD Touring with the moon roof/Bose package, Soul Red. Just loving it! Will post pics when it stops raining in a few days.
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    2nd trans acting up

    It got stuck in 3rd gear today while driving, pulled over and restarted, then was acting normal. Got home and pulled a code P0780, shift malfunction. 70k miles on it, 38k on the trans!
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    Down side of winter tires

    I've been running Blizzak DMV1 winter tires for the last 4 years for a total of 25000 miles. This tire has a softer rubber compound on the outer 55% of their tread for good traction on ice and snow and when this compound is gone it renders a wear bar to show you that you basically now have an...
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    Why your parts aren't here

    I was at my Mazda dealer today getting my rear hatch struts replaced today and went back to the parts department to get some moly oil. The gentleman behind the counter noticed what I was in for and said the big hangup on getting replacement struts was because the shipping company Mazda used...
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    rear hatch struts gone bad

    I had a back and forth with MazdaUsa about when the parts for this recall would be in. They said sometime in April. I went to have a look at my dampers and saw the end cap splitting, see picture. I called my Mazda dealer today and told them what was going on. They set an appointment on Monday...
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    Rusted Front rotors

    I changed my front rotors and brake pads yesterday, and they were a real PITA!! Both were rusted onto the hubs. Took about a half hour on the passenger side to get it off and a good 45 minutes on the other side, probably because they were on for 61k miles and were exposed the winter salt and...
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    leaking belt tensioner

    Looks like my surpentine belt tensioner is starting to weep a little. 55k and change on the odometer. Hopefully it's something covered under the powertrain warranty if the dealer thinks it's bad. Got an appointment for next week.
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    Checking trans fluid video

    Simple video on how to check trans fluid on the CX5. http://www.carcarekiosk.com/video/2013_Mazda_CX-5_Sport_2.0L_4_Cyl./transmission_fluid/check_fluid_level
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    Tire speed ratings

    Ive been searching for a set of replacement tires and finally decided on the Continental TrueContacts, they have an excellent rating both on Tire Rack and as well as from some people on here. Called my favorite tire store, who also has quite a big franchise in the area, who nixed this decision...
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    Air filter- OEM versus aftermarket

    Ive been meaning to change my air filter for a while now, I have 22k miles on my second Mazda air filter and the clean side was starting to get black spots so I figured today was the day. Ive always bought OEM air & oil filters for the past 4 new vehicles I bought. I found the quality and price...
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    headlight lens degradation

    anyone notice any coating degradation of their headlight lens yet?
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    Blue screen of death..

    Put the shifter into reverse today and the display turned blue just like a hard drive dying on a PC! I put it back into park and then in reverse again and the rear display showed normal again. Oh well, at 40k miles I guess I can expect these sort of things.
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    New transmission at 32k Miles

    Sooo. I had this dog-whistle kind of noise after driving about 15 to twenty minutes or so. Started at around 35 mph and ended at around 20 mph. Thought it might have been a brake wear indicator or something. Trans also started to seep oil a little around the pan area. Brought it in to the...
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    Rust bubble on roof

    Looks like something chipped the paint on the roof between the driver's side doors and now I'm getting some bubbling around the area about the size of half a penny. Haven't decided whether I'll sand and touch it up or visit my favorite body shop.
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    Mazda customer survey

    Just had my 3rd survey from Mazda in as many weeks. First survey was the "how do you llike your car", yada, yada, yada. My second survey I mentioned the hood shake. What I'm seeing is the rear of the hood shake from hinge to hinge over a rough road. The third survey was a targeted survey of...