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  1. ColoradoDriver

    2013~2016 Need some advice - Liftgate and Front Passenger Door

    2014 CX-5 Touring to be clear. So from this thread: https://www.mazdas247.com/forum/index.php?threads/follow-up-re-liftgate-issue.123869839/#post-6696704 Figured out after doing some more testing this weekend that my problem with the car unlocking is isolated to the front passenger door and...
  2. ColoradoDriver

    2013~2016 Shocks/Struts?

    My 2014 CX-5 has about 87,600 miles now. I'm noticing that the past week there has been some bounciness on portions of my drive that doesn't feel normal. Made me think maybe the shocks/struts are going out? I actually don't know what the difference is between shocks and struts. Can someone...
  3. ColoradoDriver

    2013~2016 Follow-up: Re: Liftgate Issue

    So a few weeks ago I made a thread where I mentioned the lift-gate was not unlocking when I was unlocking the car. Suggestions were mostly to lubricate the liftgate latch and bar which I did. Another suggestion was that water could get in and cause a short. Now though I have determined this to...
  4. ColoradoDriver

    Off Topic LinkedIn

    MOD EDIT: 08/15/2020 - Hi everyone. I created this thread because there was some off-topic discussion about LinkedIn in a different thread. Instead of deleting those posts, I figured I'd move them here in case others might find the discussion valuable or interesting. Dave Coleman hardly has...
  5. ColoradoDriver

    2013~2016 Liftgate Issue

    Ok, so mine is a 2014 meaning I don't have any fancy button on my fob to open the liftgate, or anything special like that. Twice this past week, I went to open my liftgate (little button on the liftgate), and both times it wouldn't open. I then pulled my fob out, hit the unlock twice just to...
  6. ColoradoDriver

    I wonder...

    This fuel grade thread got me thinking. I am higher altitude so we have 85 octane as our regular here. Since the manual calls for 87, I've always just used the mid-grade 87 octane, plus you never know when you might be going to a lower elevation. When I had that loaner 2019 GT, I was struck at...
  7. ColoradoDriver

    Off Topic What's the last worst looking car you've seen?

    I was driving yesterday and saw a Toyota CH-R with some really weird tacked on spoilers and other crap. Literally the worst looking car I've seen in a while. So what's the last bad looking car you've seen?
  8. ColoradoDriver

    My Thoughts Driving a 2019 GT

    Non-Turbo. So while my 2014 is getting looked at, they gave me a loaner in the form of a machine grey 2019 GT. Here are some of my observations for both pros and cons. Pros: - Lots of little details and features Mazda got right. I was impressed with the trunk area, the wheel wells are carpeted...
  9. ColoradoDriver

    DIY Maintenance - Suspension, Chassis, Body, etc.

    Hey guys, This has been on my mind for a while. So I have things down like changing oil, ATF, spark plugs, air filters, light bulbs, battery, etc. for normal maintenance. But something I was a little less sure about were the items in the Chassis and Body section of the maintenance schedule...
  10. ColoradoDriver

    This really chaps my hide

    I've now been hit in my CX-5 by 2 people with either bald tires or inadequate tires for the weather, and both hits are directly attributable to the tires and their inability to stop in rain or snow. I just pulled up into a parking lot right next to an SUV, and look at this crap. Just another...
  11. ColoradoDriver

    Oil Choice, oil consumption

    Well, slightly different thread from my last one. I am about 500 miles away from my next oil change which will be 7500 miles since my last one. I was not particularly happy about having to add a quart of oil at 6000 miles. Thinking of the following options: Stick with 0w20 and go back to a...
  12. ColoradoDriver

    Oil Capacities listed on Castrol site

    Was perusing Castrol's site and noticed they listed these specs on SkyActiv 2.5L oil capacity. Still don't understand where this 4.8 is coming from, but the total capacity number is interesting at a whole quart more.
  13. ColoradoDriver

    Oil question

    Haven't decided yet if I'm going to give the Mazda Moly or Idemitsu oil a try since they are way more expensive. Suppose I keep buying a 5 quart jug at Walmart, what's the difference between the regular oil and the ones that say extended mileage or high mileage, or similar? I saw some that were...
  14. ColoradoDriver

    Headlight Questions

    So my CX-5 has just the basic halogen headlight bulbs. I noticed that they seem to be dimming a bit, so I am wanting to get them replaced. I had a chance to drive a car recently that had LED headlights and I have to admit that they were way better. I know the cost will be more, but is it...
  15. ColoradoDriver

    Time for a new battery?

    I've noticed on some of the particularly cold days this winter that my CX-5 sounds like it's struggling a bit to start. Don't get me wrong it starts, but it definitely sounds like a labored start as opposed to an effortless one. It's been almost 6 years since I bought it, new battery time...
  16. ColoradoDriver

    Skyactiv Transmission Fluid Analysis Thread

    I thought it made sense to put this in a separate thread from the regular oil analysis. Anyway I did my first transmission fluid change (3 drain/fill sessions a week apart) starting around 71,200 miles. During the first, I captured a sample and sent it away for analysis. And before you ask, yes...
  17. ColoradoDriver

    DIY Brakes?

    How hard is it to DIY front brakes? I've never done it before, but I feel like I overpayed when I had my rears done, and want to avoid that again for the fronts. So I have a few questions: 1. Is there an easy way for me to see/measure what my brake pads are at? Last year my fronts were at 6mm...
  18. ColoradoDriver

    2014 Shift Panel

    So one drawback with the gated shifter is getting it to neutral when you killed the battery, portable jump starter didn't work, and have to push it out of the garage to get a jump start from another car. To do so you have to remove this little plastic tab and jam a screwdriver down there to...
  19. ColoradoDriver


    So when I was taking the airbox out of my car to do the tranny fluid drain and fill, I noticed that the reservoir for the coolant was low, but I also noticed that it was kinda brownish in color. I knew from the service schedule that it was supposedly good for 10 years / 120k miles. But I don't...
  20. ColoradoDriver

    Cleaning the engine bay?

    I have never cleaned my engine bay and it is extremely dusty and dirty. What is the recommended way to clean it? Considering wires and other parts, it seemed like a bad idea to me to use the pressure washer, but wasn't sure. Thanks all.