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  1. ColoradoDriver

    The Future of the CX-5 - Strategic?

    AWD is all they bring to my area, so there has never even been a choice. If I lived in Florida or something, guess that would be another story. True, but this is where it helps to have done the research to know when something is BS or not.
  2. ColoradoDriver

    2022 CX-5?

    Man, Kodo design seems to be gone.
  3. ColoradoDriver

    2022 CX-5?

    Well I'll agree that the front seats in the Gen 2's are mighty uncomfortable. But I like the idea that as a crossover its not too big.
  4. ColoradoDriver

    What have you done to your CX-5 today?

    Gave it a car wash. Came back from being out of town for a week, parked in a garage at the airport, yet birds still saw fit to disgrace the passenger side windows and paint. Paint looks to be ok, so hopefully only happened recent to me coming back and didn't have time to etch. Other than that...
  5. ColoradoDriver

    2022 CX-5?

    Geeze. They already widened the Gen 2 from the Gen 1, if they make it any bigger, I hope they just make a new model and keep the CX-5. Hey man, been a while. Forgot what you had before?
  6. ColoradoDriver

    Outlandish Octane Rating

    Not sure. Imagine if the engine is made for 87 or 93 it will best perform with either of those. Not sure if anything above 93 nets you anything besides more money spent. Where I live is a higher altitude so we have 85, 87, 91. I was in Salt Lake City last week and thought it was kinda weird...
  7. ColoradoDriver

    Insurance Ripoffs

    Wow, nice. Mine is $1000 deductibles. :(
  8. ColoradoDriver

    Off Topic So slow I'm ashamed...

    Yeah but for what I do, this one really is a dream job outside of Payroll/HR being dumb.
  9. ColoradoDriver

    Off Topic So slow I'm ashamed...

    Well payroll woes still present, but hope to be resolved soon. The nature of it got Legal involved and VP just gave me a raise as a "please don't leave" sort of thing (how I read it). Aside from this issue it really is a great job, so hope once this all settles to actually finish the damn PC I...
  10. ColoradoDriver

    Keeping shoes clean?

    How about a magic eraser? EDIT: Wow this is an old thread, sorry I replied.
  11. ColoradoDriver

    2017~2022 CX-5 Cruise Control in Mountains

    No way I'd use cruise control in the mountains.
  12. ColoradoDriver

    Insurance Ripoffs

    30 now, and it's now $189/month after the COVID discounts ran out. I'm shopping around again, its getting out of hand paying that much for a now 8 year old car.
  13. ColoradoDriver

    A Little More Power? 2015 CX-5

    I don't believe so. Think that started with the 2016.
  14. ColoradoDriver

    A Little More Power? 2015 CX-5

    I use one of these as well and really like it. Premium will get you more horsepower in the turbo model. In the NA engine, the only difference you'll notice is to your wallet. Both engines are designed for 87 octane. Use higher octane in the turbo if you want.
  15. ColoradoDriver

    CX-5 Towing...Blew up transmission!

    That was on early 2016's.
  16. ColoradoDriver

    Should I expect my CX-5 to handle as well as my rental CX-9?

    Can confirm I have had new CX-5 loaners both times I used a local dealer for work I didn't want to do. Neither made me want to switch though. Pretty happy with my 2014 even if it isn't "upmarket".
  17. ColoradoDriver

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    Yeah and I had an oil pan leak that got fixed in November. I was frankly not comfortable messing with the RTV.
  18. ColoradoDriver

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    I always take mine to Advanced Auto Parts or O'Reilly. They have a big container in the back room to dump used oil. Not sure what they do with it all after as I am sure it is just a big mix of various used fluids.
  19. ColoradoDriver

    Transmission fluid change without filter replacement

    Yep, mine was about 3.7 quarts...maybe it was 3.75. My catch pitcher didn't have the most accurate of measure points beyond quart and half quart. That said, I drained about 3.5 in the first drain/fill. Like many others, I discovered my CX-5 to be a bit underfilled on the factory ATF per the...
  20. ColoradoDriver

    SkyActiv Oil Analysis Thread

    I think Kedis82ZE8 also had the issue with the timing chain cover leak if I recall?