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  1. yrwei52

    Here's a good Mazda parts department for factory wheels

    I also had a 1987 VW Vanagon Syncro and it came with 5 alloy wheels and 205/70R14 Michelin tires from Austria factory. The Michelin tires were reinforced version with the maximum inflation pressure of 40 psi and at the time the maximum tire pressure on tires is only 35 psi in the US. The...
  2. yrwei52

    2013~2016 Belt Tensioner - Shouldn't this be a warranty item?

    Must be because of the trade war with much higher import duty from China as the belts from factory and OEM replacements usually are made in China, now they’re from Mexico? I also noticed when I got a bed frame from IKEA recently, it’s now from Mexico. But the same one I bought a couple of...
  3. yrwei52

    2013~2016 Belt Tensioner - Shouldn't this be a warranty item?

    Since you’re going to replace the oil control valve solenoid and its seal, might as well to replace the old valve cover gasket at the same time at 103K miles. Actually you almost have to replace the VCG since it’s easy to get damaged when you remove the valve cover to replace the OCV.
  4. yrwei52

    Anyone install a CX-5 cold air intake?

    Ha, you had owned a brand new 1976 Ford Capri II? I hate to call those European / German Ford vehicles as “Mercury”. Although they’re carried by Mercury dealers in the US, but they still have “FORD” name plate on the trunk lid. During that time I did have a crush toward European / German...
  5. yrwei52

    2013~2016 Belt Tensioner - Shouldn't this be a warranty item?

    How many miles on your 2013 CX-5 Sport manual? Looks like you have a 2.0L, which will have more room to do the job than a 2.5L. Do you use aftermarket belts? If you do, what brand? And ever noticed the aftermarket water pump stretch belt is really tight? The factory belt tensioner on late...
  6. yrwei52

    What countries offered a manual Gen 2 CX-5?

    Obviously Japan offers many different CX-5’s with 6MT and 2WD / 4WD but only on “XD” diesel models: XD Smart Edition ¥3,025,000 Diesel 2WD | 6MT XD Smart Edition ¥3,256,000 Diesel 4WD | 6MT XD PROACTIVE ¥3,228,500 Diesel 2WD | 6MT XD PROACTIVE ¥3,459,500 Diesel 4WD | 6MT XD L Package...
  7. yrwei52

    Parasitic battery drain on 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport. Looking for help.

    Better yet, check the current of parasitic drain by removing the negative terminal of the loaner battery like you did before to your own battery and see if it’s still 1.7A.
  8. yrwei52

    Parasitic battery drain on 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport. Looking for help.

    Even if you want (or need) a battery maintainer / trickle charger, buy one which can plug in the round cigarette lighter socket so that you can easily use it on any car, not this type which is “dedicated” to one vehicle.
  9. yrwei52

    Parasitic battery drain on 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport. Looking for help.

    As I said before, we don’t drive our CX-5 much, sometimes once a month, and our battery has no issue to start up without a battery maintainer. Now this’s the best opportunity for you to compare. Check the voltage to loaner battery like before and see if the battery shows the same voltage drop.
  10. yrwei52

    New Member w/ a MANUAL 2017 CX-5

    Is it a 2.0L or 2.5L on your 2017 CX-5 with manual transmission?
  11. yrwei52

    Guide How To Disable Daytime Running Lights (instructions)

    Which one did you get? Switch-back? Build-in resistor?
  12. yrwei52

    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    From what I’ve read, Mazda dealers usually treat oil dilution problem on the 2.5T by replacing fuel injectors. But the problem seems to be persistent after the “fix”: 2.5 Turbo - Oil Fuel Dilution Issues? I’d be worried more about coolant leak issue than the oil dilution issue if I had a...
  13. yrwei52

    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    But the 2.5L on my CX-5, which is a direct injection engine, doesn’t show any sign of oil dilution issue.
  14. yrwei52

    2017~2022 2.5T Oil Dilution

    Except that Mazda clearly states in the manual that oil should be checked after the engine is fully warmed up, AT LEAST 5 minutes after the engine shutting down ⋯ So if I check the oil level 10 hours after the engine shutting down, am I really against Mazda’s recommendation? The truth is, the...
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    Trouble measuring oil level?

    Or just check the oil level the first thing in the morning before the engine start; just one pull on the dipstick, no wiping required.
  18. yrwei52

    Radar Dimax AS-8 225/55R19 103V Tires Finally Installed

    The title: “Radar Dimax AS-8 225/55R19 103V Tires Finally Installed”, And I started the thread by saying: “Bought these Radar Dimax AS-8 225/55R19 103V tires for $84.49 each (price match to and DT Independence Day Event 10% gift card rebate from my local Discount Tire Store more...
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    Anyone install a CX-5 cold air intake?

    My 1972 German Ford Capri unfortunately had a Borg Warner 3-speed automatic. Bought used and had no choice. The timing belt broke at 55K miles on the OHC 2.0L I4. Luckily it’s the non-interference engine and broken timing belt isn’t a big deal. The 3-speed transmission had also...
  20. yrwei52

    Parasitic battery drain on 2016 Mazda CX-5 Sport. Looking for help.

    Don’t think the charging system is having issues based on your voltage measurements. Either the battery can’t hold the voltage (due to internal short), or there’s a significant current draw somewhere else. A sudden significant current draw is less likely than a defective battery. And...