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    Transmission Torque specs and more

    This is the service manual download. The 2002 Protégé and Protégé5 are pretty much the same car except for the hatchback on the P5.
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    Transmission Torque specs and more

    Other guys changed out their ATF a liter or a two at a time. They would drain out 1-2 liters and put in 1-2 liters of new ATF and run it for a while for the transmission to adjust. Then do it again multiple times. The ATF never gets completely changed, but the transmission operates properly.
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    Transmission Torque specs and more

    I have a manual transmission. I use synchromesh oil. I don't know how your transmission compares to the 2002-2003 Protégé5, but with the P5, guys had problems with their automatic transmissions after doing a tranny oil change if the oil had never been changed before. We learned to reuse the...
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    Transmission Torque specs and more

    This is the information for the 2002 Mazda Protege and Protege5. (I own a Protege5) I assume that your transmission is the same ? I don't think that the digital thermometer and probe is necessary, but the big thing is to make sure your engine is idling when you check your dipstick...
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Here's what the Service Manual says... Here's a link to the Service Manual. I don't think that there is a how-to for engine removal.
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    Haynes’ Protege5

    The valence or the rubber skid plate? Plasti-dip peels off the valence if you don't like it.
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    Haynes’ Protege5

    I could have used the rubber bumper protector. My car didn't come with one. I've pounded a lot of crap in and out of my 'trunk'. My rear valance painted... (I didn't paint it. I spent half an hour blacking out the picture with my finger on my phone. Lol)
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    Haynes’ Protege5

    Some people paint or plasti-dip their rear valence. Post in thread '[DEFUNCT] The College-Budget P5' [DEFUNCT] The College-Budget P5
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    Problem with Brakes overheating

    I'm guessing that your slider pins need to be greased. I use SIL-GLYDE it's awesome stuff. (it's silicone grease) You may have seized or binding caliper pistons, you could check under the dust boots to see if they look rusty. There is also brake pad springs that you may need to install...
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