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    Turbo Oil Change At Independent Repair Shop

    I am wondering what filter an Independent shop uses? When I check filters from NAPA and Advance Auto, all I find are the same part number for turbo and non turbo. Does anyone have experience with a turbo oil change at an Independent and did they use a turbo only filter? As a Forum member, I am...
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    Turbocharger Explained by Mazda Engineer

    Here is an explanation of the turbo from a Mazda engineer. MAZDA TURBO EXPLAINED
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    Wireless Rear Parking Sensor

    Here is a neat item for anyone looking for a rear parking sensor...
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    Transport 2nd FOB

    Driving 2019 CX5 on Monday and need to take the extra fob with me. How do I transport it? I plan to take old battery out until I arrive at new designation and take the FOB with me to motel room at night. During the day, if I stop and get out at rest station can I leave 2nd FOB without battery...
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    Jack Stand Recall
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    Car and Driver

    Just received the May 2020 issue of Car and Driver. They tested 6 2020 Crossovers with the following results: 6. Ford Escape 5. Subaru Forrester 4. Toyota RAV4 3. Honda CR-V 2. Volks Tiquan 1. Mazda CX 5 (GT AWD) Now, let's hope Mazda marketing builds on this with some boasting ads.
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    Dealer Incentives

    Here is an article I came across on Mazda's dealers lawsuit regarding incentives from Mazda. It is from 2018 and I have no idea of the current status.
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    Interesting Article On Mazda
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    2019 CX-5 20,000 Mile Review

    Here is a review from Car and Driver for 2019 CX-5 Signature dated 2/3/2020.
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    2020 MSRP vs 2019 MSRP

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    Watch Mazda Assembly Line

    This is quite interesting. Applies to their various models. Building Mazdas
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    Compare 2020 CX5 to other manufacturers

    Here is an interesting comparison of the 2020 CX5 models to other manufacturers. Comparison
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    CX Possible Leather Fix

    Here is a utube video which shows how to remove indentations from leather seats.
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    2020 CX5 Press Release
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    SIRIUS Information

    Came across this site which maybe of interest.
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    How lock all doors without the FOB and without opening any doors.

    If you haven't watched this video, take few minutes as it answers some of your questions about opening and locking doors and also describes the SECRET BUTTON.
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    Extended Warranty

    Can someone explain to me why someone would buy a 7 year/100,000 mile on a brand new car? They have 3 year/36,000 mile coverage from the manufacturer. Doesn't this reduce the 3 year/36,000 mile extended warranty to 4 year/64,000? Why not wait until close to either the 3 year or 36,000 mile is...