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    Ultra Racing lower stiffening bars

    While doing some maintenance on our CX-5, I noticed rust on the Ultra Racing stiffeners I had installed on the underbody. At first I thought it was just on the surface lifting the paint off, but closer inspection showed the bars were rusted through. The rear was the worst as you can see, I...
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    NB MX-5 Hey, it's Minnie!

    I never posted an official build thread on here, as I had it in a lot of other places and there just wasn't much traffic here. Times change, so I'm going to be copying things over from my beginning ten years ago. Going to take some time, and since I am still at work and can only do this in port...
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    CX-5 H&R lowering springs

    A set of H&R lowering springs for the CX-5. Used for only 111 miles, my wife didn't like the ride with them. $200 plus shipping (box size is 27 X 17 X 8, and weight is 30 lbs so you can determine shipping costs to you. My Zip is 41005). SOLD
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    NB1/MSM rear spoiler mounting

    Since there are several folks here with an MSM, and I've met most of you ((stash)) I thought I'd ask this here. I like the look of the bigger MSM rear spoiler better than the hunchback look of the NB1 I currently have. Does anyone know if the mounting points are the same? That will tell me if I...
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    Online tire suppliers

    I'm looking at getting a set of Toyo T1Rs for my new wheels when I get home. Unfortunately Edge Racing is no longer around. Anyone know of a place with prices comparable to what theirs were? Cheapest I can find 225/45-18s for is $168. Thanks.
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    Modding the wife's car

    Ordinarily I don't do this sort of thing, I'd rather be wrenching and enjoying the fruits of my labor than keeping up with a thread. However, I figure solidtrance is probably getting tired of me posting in his thread ((inout)) so why the hell not do my own? We bought the car back in January...
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    6 CD changer

    Recently I bought a complete radio (with HVAC controls) w/6 CD changer off eBay. Received it today, long story short it didn't work. After several back and forth attempts to fix the problem I put the single player back in. Sat down for a bit and got to thinking, the changers are modular. I just...
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    HD lip anyone?

    Was looking around eBay for RX-8 parts and came across this: I'm all for free enterprise, but this sort...
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    Bought an 8

    While cruising my local Craigslist earlier in the week, I saw an '06 silver RX-8 GT w/46,100 miles listed for $14,000. My wife (and I) have been wanting to get one but couldn't justify the price of a new one. So I showed it to her and asked if she would like it. Long story short, we went for a...
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    My mods

    Well, I have probably dragged out the suspense enough (if anyone cares about that sort of thing). I am still a little over 200 miles away from the magic number, but WTH. So without further ado, here are my mods: Engine MS CAI Speedie6 TIP ETS 3.25" TMIC (with hidden bolts on shroud) Forge BPV...
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    Should I get these?

    I love double five spoke wheels, I think they look great on our cars. Unfortunately I can't justify spending over $2000 for Advans (the ones on the blue show car from long ago). Discount Tire Direct has MB Interlines (which are actually similar to Audi wheels). I am trying to decide on getting a...
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    Koni Yellow adjustment

    For anyone who bought a set of Koni Yellows new, do you have the instructions for adjusting them? If I could get a scanned copy I would greatly appreciate it. I recently bought a set of used ones and have no info on this. Just want to make sure I go the right direction etc.
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    Since getting home a couple of days ago, I noticed scrapes on the driver's side of the Speed. My wife said she wasn't sure just when it happened, she thought maybe one of the kids had done it but I pointed out there were two spots where the metal was creased, no way the kids had done that...
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    Pics of MS wheels on MS6

    I've searched through several forums and can't find a picture of the double-5 spoke MS wheels on an MS6 anywhere, in spite of knowing I have seen one. Does anyone have an address for one or maybe even have one they can post up? I would appreciate it.
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    AutoEXE bars installed

    Just wanted to share pictures of my new (used) AutoEXE front strut and rear crossbrace bars installed. I needed something for me after all the preps I have been doing lately getting ready for my upcoming wedding.
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    MS6 exhaust tips

    I have a Magnaflow catback on the way, and I want to replace the round tips they put on the mufflers. I checked with a local shop who is usually helpful, but they don't have any oval tips available. I know there have been some who have done this, does anyone on here have a source for some round...
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    Goodyear Eagle GTs

    Anyone have experience with these tires? I need to replace my Toyo T1Rs on the Speed6 and am looking at these for more longevity. Overall grip isn't an issue (well, it is, but I need to maximize mileage).
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    MS6 boost gauge installed

    Not 100% sure if this is the right place, but as far as I am concerned this isn't an appearance mod. After having my Prosport boost gauge for over a year, I finally got my hands on a vent pod and was able to install it. Looks great, only thing is that using only the amber illumination the thing...
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    MS6 Bose subwoofer pre-amp

    Just got done installing a subwoofer pre-amp/eq combo purchased from a member elsewhere. This completely transforms the stock stereo system. Highs are nice and crisp, good hit from the subwoofer to give a good bottom end. For me this is the best upgrade for the stock stereo short of spending a...
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    Platinum MS6 spotted I-75N this morning

    Hi, anyone on here? You passed me on the right going down Death Hill.