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    Debadging rear boot P5/323f Badge

    Hey guys, After giving the Mazda a wash today I had the idea of debadging the rear boot/trunk area badges, the "Mazda" badge and the 323f badge. My question is, are these badges pronged on or just glued on [emoji848]. Dont really want to take them off it Im left with holes where holes shouldnt...
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    Spark plugs

    Hi guys its coming near that time of year I change out the spark plugs. From the day I had my Mazda its had NGKs in it, Ive seen these NGK Iridium spark plugs Theres a massive difference between prices so im at a fork in the road at the minute. 3.00 for a single NGK Nickel Spark plug spec...
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    Brians Mazda 323f

    As ive posted in the 100k page I thought this would make more sense as this will be an ongoing project i hope, My pride and joy. And i need to correct myself I originally said 78000mile ive just checked dismorning when checking the oil popped the bonnet catch and seen 72kmile and change. What...