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    2021 CX-5 Engine Air Filter schedule 1 vs schedule 2 USA with typo?

    When I did my last oil change when the car had about 10k miles on it and was two years old I took a look at the air filter. I live in the mountains and while I don't drive on any unpaved roads, the roads here are pretty dusty anyways. The filter was pretty dirty. I bought a new Wix filter and...
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    Pep Boys refuses used oil

    The Autozone where I used to shop had a sign on the door warning people not to leave their used oil containers outside the store or throw them in the dumpster. Where I live now the only auto parts store in town is Napa and they don't accept it. There is a gas station in town that does repairs...
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    Using a Clay Bar on Micro scratches

    Excellent advice from the gentlemen above. I would also stress that you should use A LOT of lubricant with the clay bar. Some suggest car wash soap & water but I like a good quick detailer spray even if it takes a half bottle worth. And use a very light touch. To avoid marring the paint or...
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    2017~2022 CX-5 Cruise Control in Mountains

    I live in the mountains and wouldn't even think of using the cruise control on any of the highways around here. The Adaptive cruise control works quite well at maintaining distance when cruising on the freeway but if traffic starts to bunch up and start & stop I turn it off. The best cruise...
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    CX-5 Navigation Manual. No Hardcopy?

    Here is the Navigation manual for the 2019 model. I imagine that most of the features will be the same. I went through it when the car was new, figured out most of the functions and don't think I have referred to it since.
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    Turbo, Fuel Octane and Altitude

    I have a 2019 GT Reserve with the turbo engine. I have run nothing but 91 Octane since the first time I filled up the tank. I live at about 6000 ft altitude. Summer temps, like today are around 90 here and 100-105 down in the closest city that I go for groceries or other supplies a couple times...
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    CX-5 Oil Filter Question

    It is a bummer that the Mobil 1 M108 or slightly oversize M110 filters, or the equivalent size Purolator Pure 1 filters aren't good for the Mazda engines. They are excellent filters and I would have no issues changing them every other oil change (I change the oil at 5000 miles).That would offer...
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    CX-5 Air conditioning performance in hot weather

    I frequently drive through areas with outside temperatures between 105-110 in the summer months. Although I try and minimize my exposure and as I start climbing up the mountain highway to my community the temperature drops about 5 degrees for every 2000 ft of elevation. So it's still fairly hot...
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    2017~2022 CX-5 Radio interups NAV

    I think the issue is that there is no way to turn off the audio system and still get the voice directions from the Nav system. On my 2019 I have found two solutions: 1. Get into the Settings menu and crank the volume for the Nav way up. That way if you are listening to the radio or music at a...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4 Opinions?

    The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 is an outstanding tire. I went through 2 sets of them on my Nissan 370Z. But I wouldn't consider them on any SUV. They are a high performance and rather expensive tire for sports cars. I only got about 25,000 miles out of them which is expected for a tire like that. I...
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    2017~2022 Too Early Oil Change Reminder

    I have little to no faith in oil life monitors so I shut the feature off and just do an oil & filter change every 5000 miles according to the odometer. The way I keep the reminder from popping up early and nagging me for scores of miles before a change is due is to set it for a 7500 mile OCI...
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    Maximum Limit on number of MP4 songs on USB Stick?

    I stand corrected. I use a program called EAC (Exact Audio Copy). When I have a new USB stick I first format it, which defaults to FAT32 before I transfer the audio files that are saved in a folder on my desktop. The files are recorded from the CD drive using the EAC program and I select Copy...
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    Maximum Limit on number of MP4 songs on USB Stick?

    I have several 16gb USB sticks loaded with songs burned in FLAC format, That is supposed to give the highest fidelity. I have not tried any 32gb USB sticks yet in my 2019 CX 5, but I tried a 64gb stick that works in my other car and the Mazda system won't recognize it, with the USB 1 and USB 2...
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    2017~2022 CX-5 Interior Cleaning and Protectant Products

    I haven't tried the Meguiars leather treatment as I still have some Zaino product to use up but I'm sure it is good. For all the plastic trim plus all the weatherstripping around the doors, etc I am a big fan of 303 Aerospace protectant and have used it for years on several cars. I buy those...
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    2021 CX-5 GT AWD - Normal Engine sound?

    I am running the newest formulation of Mobil 1 EP (Extended Protection) 5W-30 oil. According to Mobil, it meets the latest GF6A rating. I was getting the same ticking at startup when running the previous oil which was Castrol Edge which is their top grade synthetic. Perhaps I will try the...
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    2021 CX-5 GT AWD - Normal Engine sound?

    With my 2019 GT-Reserve with only about 10,200 miles on it I get a ticking sound from the engine until I have driven about a mile and the temp gauge needle has moved a few degrees. It has been that way since new. I usually let it warm up for a minute before backing out of the driveway and then...
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    Never again will I do this...

    I have overfilled my CX 5 to the point of overflowing a couple of times by accident. Same with my previous vehicle. I have never had a CEL come on. As others have mentioned, it is a practice to be avoided. Each time it was because I had paid in advance and over estimated the amount of fuel...
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    Which Aerospace 303 to purchase?

    I believe that 303 recently changed their packaging and their automotive protectant now comes in the dark blue spray bottle like this I use those inexpensive cellulose kitchen sponges, cut in half, to apply 303 and also leather dressing. Get...
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    Different OEM CX-5 cabin filters

    That dust storm looks like the impending apocalypse for anything that uses a filter. My Nissan 370Z required removing something like 7 different screws and a long shank screwdriver to get at the cabin filter. Kudos to Mazda for making it so easy.
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    Different OEM CX-5 cabin filters

    I suppose I could have given it a good shake and maybe brushed the debris off. But I live in the mountains and it is pretty dusty plus pine needles, pollen, seed pods and other junk accumulates quickly. Given the low cost I didn't mind replacing it.