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    2019 Mazda6 Signature - 12,000 mile review

    Just passed 12,000 miles on my car, which means I have driven it about 6000 miles since I bought this demo model last February. I'm really happy with this purchase - I think I would call the latest edition 6 as one of the best values in the market for 4-door sedans. Likes: -Excellent...
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    Continental Crosscontact LX25 Tires

    I’ve had these on our CX-5 now for a couple months now and have driven in rain/cold/snow. They are hands-down, far superior under inclement weather than the extra crappy OEM tires. They don’t slip easily (unlike the OEM tires) and provide a much better glued-to-the-road sensation from the...
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    Anyone replace the tires yet on their 2018+ Mazda6?

    I’ve driven our 6 now for several months and can say I don’t like the tires that came on the car. We have a 2019 Signature. I am expecting when I change the tires and go with a much sportier a/s performance tire, I’ll gain steering feel and a bit more responsiveness. Anyone replaced their tires...
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    “Oil service required” Light malfunction on ‘19 Signature

    I just went for a short drive and the oil service change remaining mileage went from around 2,500 miles to 0. When I returned home, I checked the oil level and it’s fine. Not only that but the oil looks great/clean. I had the last oil change at around 15,000 (and the dealer did reset the oil...
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    Bought a 2019 Mazda6 Signature today

    I pick it up on Saturday morning so I don’t actually have it yet. I’m looking forward to owning and driving the car. We love our CX-5 Signature and hope it’s equally enjoyable. it was a salesperson’s car and has about 5,000 miles on it. White with dark chestnut interior leather. I strongly...
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    How’s your 2018+ Turbo been?

    I’m close to purchasing our second Mazda-this time a 6. We already have a 2019 CX5 Signature and it’s been trouble free.
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    How in God’s name do you disable the auto-folding mirrors?

    I have done the following: 1.) turn ignition to “on” position. Doing so requires two presses of the ignition switch with your foot off the brake pedal so the car doesn’t start 2.) make sure window lock is engaged / pressed in 3.) press front passenger side window switch; rear passenger window...
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    How is the turbo powered 2018+ mazda6 in the snow?

    About to buy another car and am debating between an awd 3 or a 6. Sure dinner wish the 6 came In awd. How are they in the snow/slippery conditions with the stock tires?
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    2017~2022 Updated review on my 19 Signature

    Updated review on my 19 Signature Weve got almost 4000 miles on our XX-5 Signature. Heres my thoughts on a few select items: -gas mileage is still meeting expectations. In almost exclusively local driving, we average 20-21 mpg. Highway nets 27-right on the EPA estimate. I have no doubt that...
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    2017~2022 Two questions about my 2019 CX-5 Signature

    Ive poured thru the owners manual and still cant seem to figure these two things out: 1.) Does the cruise control offer a normal mode or is it only Active Cruise Control? 2.) how do I turn off the automatic folding side mirrors? I found the instructions in the manual but cant seem to get it...
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    2017~2022 Do cargo liners from previous MYs fit my 2019?

    Wanted to buy a Weathertech cargo liner for our new 2019 Cx-5 Signature. Their site doesnt list 2019s yet. I did send them the same question but figured someone on this board likely had already done this. Also, anyone have another recommendation besides Weathertech? I kind of like their tray...
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    2017~2022 Bought a Signature

    Machine gray. Drove it around town tonight and think it really will fit the bill. It wont be my primary vehicle but I will enjoy driving it. The steering ratio seems like its actually tighter than my old E90 xdrive.
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    2017~2022 How long before a car gets to the U.S. until it hits a Midwest dealership?

    Im in negotiations with a local Central Ohio dealer now for a 19 Signature. She said the car is currently in Washington and should be at their dealership in a few weeks. Is that a reasonable amount of time? Im really curious as to why it would take weeks before the dealer would get this car if...
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    Also test drove a 2019 Sig

    I liked it. So did my wife. Now if the dealer was just willing to do less than sticker, :-) But that's another story. Everything about it was smooth. Throttle response was excellent - no turbo lag whatsoever. Reminds me of a reasonably powered naturally aspirated V6. Great torque but does...