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    Surprise Checking Oil

    The CX5 doesn't get driven a lot in the summer months. Most of my trips I generally use the MX5. Anyway, getting ready for a trip this weekend and I was planning to take the CX5. Went to check the oil and found a surprise under the engine cover near the oil cap. See the attached photos. The...
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    ND MX-5 Anyone order from Black Hawk Japan?

    Has anyone ever ordered from Black Hawk Japan If yes, any issues? I was looking at ordering a DAMD steering wheel (model SS358M) and their pricing is better than the other suppliers
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    Trim Fastener - Oil Filter Service Cover

    I just completed an oil change on my 2018 CX5 and noticed that I am missing one of the plastic trim fasteners on the small service cover to access the drain plug and oil filter. Does anyone know the size (8 mm x 20mm?) of the fastener or part number? I would like to order (e-bay) several...
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    Jack Pad Adapter

    If would prefer to do away with my homemade jack pads. Does anyone know of a jack pad adapter that has a slot depth deep enough for the 2018 CX5? Most of the jack pads I found online have about ½ inch slot depth which isn’t deep enough to accommodate the depth of the pinch weld. So far the...
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    ChipFixx Touch up Paint re "soul red crystal"

    Since ChipFixx is only available in Canada was any Canadian CX5 owners used ChipFixx touch up paint to repair stone chips for *soul red crystal (46V)*. How is the colour match? Thanks, Wade
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    New Mate to My 2018 CX5

    Yesterday I closed a deal on a 2018 MX-5 RF GT (dance). I have been searching for several months and finally found a low mileage (9,000 kilometers) GT model at a "somewhat" reasonable price. Here are a couple of pictures taken in the dealer showroom. I pick it up next week. Take it home to...