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    What happened to the wheels and brakes section?

    Not sure about the other section, but rears wearing before fronts is fairly common these days.
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    Exxon Superflo Synthetic

    Well, glad I do my own oil changes. I couldn't stomach paying those prices for a relatively simple process. In this case, paying $40 for synthetic and getting the full inspection might be worth it, unless, like dunhillmc said, maybe you can bring your own synthetic oil and save about $15-$20.
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    Exxon Superflo Synthetic

    I can't comment on the oil, but $40 adder for synthetic? Are you kidding? Synthetic costs $8 more per quart than conventional? I'm in the wrong business.
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    Anyone using waterless wash/wax, or other products for lazy people and no water access?

    I've been using Griots Brilliant Finish Rinseless wash for about a year now. I know you stated waterless, but this is fairly close. My car is ceramic coated which is why I chose a rinseless wash without wax. In the winter time, I do something similar in hitting up the DIY car wash and spraying...
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    Review of K&N for Mazda 2.5T motor

    I have that link bookmarked and usually include it in these types of replies. We is ISO5011 testing for most of the tests at my company. I agree, depending on your application and location, K&N could be just fine. Only paved roads in developed cities for example. I bet most people wouldn't...
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    Review of K&N for Mazda 2.5T motor

    Slight rambling/rant ahead. Actually, thicker filter is not necessarily a bad thing. Deeper pleats = more surface area = lower face velocity = lower restriction. Also, more surface area = more capacity. I'd be curious to see performance test comparison. One issue with the K&N media is the low...
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    2017~2022 Climate Control question

    When you say 'turn on' are you pressing the Auto button? If so, I'd say it's odd that the A/C doesn't turn on. In all my vehicles with Auto climate control, the A/C is always on (or at least the A/C light is on) in Auto mode.
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    Has anyone added a shield over the cat to prevent theft?

    I've heard those shields help. They make it much more difficult to get the CAT out. I know Priuses (that's the plural for Prius, right?) are a big target because they have more of the precious metal. On my neighborhood app, I rarely see reports of SUV's being hit, when they would be the...
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    2021 CX-5 Engine Air Filter schedule 1 vs schedule 2 USA with typo?

    Interesting. What does the *1 say on the severe schedule?
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    2021 CX-5 replaced my battery already

    Did you have issues with your original battery before adding the dashcams?
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    Using a Clay Bar on Micro scratches

    I'm not seeing any micro scratches in your picture, it just looks like dirty water spots. Get a picture of the sun or flash light reflection after you wash it. As for the clay bar, it will not remove micro scratches and it's actually not uncommon that clay barring actually induces marring (i.e...
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    Issue after changing my brake booster

    Did you have to unplug any sensors? I'm thinking along the lines of low brake fluid level sensor. Speaking of, how is the brake fluid level?
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    2017~2022 Buffing Out The Scratches

    Got any pictures? I agree with both of the above posts. PPF will provide quite a bit more protection, but costs more. Ceramic will add a tiny bit more protection, but costs less. For the ceramic, I know a lot of companies push the hardness of the coating, but I think the big benefit is that...
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    Possible AC drain clogged?

    No it's not. While I don't live in tropical climate, heat and humidity is common during summer months. I've never had a chemical flush on any of my vehicles and they've all worked fine. It may improve it, but I've never noticed any obvious degradation in A/C performance (unless it completely...
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    2017~2022 Installing front CX-5 sway bar, what to do with steering?

    Anytime you touch/move suspension/steering components, you should check the alignment. May not need one, but worth checking. Question: why are you replacing front sway bar? Do you already have an aftermarket rear? From my experience, most people go the rear sway bar only route to...
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    Brake dust shield or off balance?

    If it just started with the new tires, sounds like you didn't get a good balance on one or more of the wheels/tires. That shield should not have any impact on a shake/shimmy. It's fixed to (I think) the spindle.
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    2007~2015 Rear Differential Broken?

    I agree with checking wheel bearings first. My wife's 09 had 2x rear bearings replaced in the 185k miles she had it. Not sure if they were the same one, but I replaced one myself last spring. I knew what it was right away when driving it. When I jacked it up, I could spin the rear wheel and...
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    Goodbye Mazdas247

    It doesn't have to be good bye. We got rid of my wife's 09 CX9 last October and I still visit this site at least a few times a week. Most of the time just seeing what's happening with these (CX5 and CX9 mostly).
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    2017~2022 Mastercraft Courser HSX Tour Ordered

    And if you think about it, since the Nitrogen is a larger molecule, you lose more (percentage wise) of the smaller molecules over time. So, by repeatedly refilling with the 78%, you're essentially increasing the overall Nitrogen % and therefore losing less pressure over time. (hahah......while...
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    2021 CX-5 BSM system vs 2017 version

    I always try to go the route of seeing front of the vehicle in my rear view mirror (the one on the windshield) in the next lane before merging. That way I'm sure to be passed the vehicle and not make them feel like I'm cutting them off. Plus, with more vehicles having sensing cruise control, it...