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    2016+ Akebono brake pads

    Just curious if anyone has replaced their front pads on a gen 2 with Akebonos. I’m looking to install these on a 19 cx-5 reserve, which has the same calipers, pads and rotors. The Akebono site only lists pads for cx-9s up to 2017 and nothing for a 19 cx-5 reserve. Did anything change in 2018...
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    Disable Cylinder Deactivation

    I know the short answer is that it’s not possible to do this but I wanted to start a thread to get some ideas floating around and hopefully one day come up with a real solution. I also know there are already a few threads out there about CD in general but none focus on disabling it. This is my...
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    2016~2020 CX-9 Brakes the same as GT-R and Sig?

    Can anyone confirm if the 2016-2020 CX-9s have the same front brakes as the turbo CX-5s? At only 18k the steering wheel vibration is to a point where I need to replace the pads and rotors on my 19 GT-r. I’ve been using Akebono for years with great results. Their site doesn’t list an option for...
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    CS or RB Axle Back with Draw-Tite hitch

    Anyone know if the CorkSport or Racing Beat axle back exhausts will work on a 2017+ with a class 2 draw-tite hitch? RB confirmed theirs works with the Curt. The 2 hitch brands have different designs though. The curt mounts to the side of the frame and the draw-tite mounts to the bottom. Thanks
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    “Warped” rotors covered at 16k?

    My 2019 GT-R has lightly “warped” rotors. I put warped in quotes because I know they’re not actually warped and just have an uneven distribution of pad material. Anyway, with 15,800 on the clock, should the dealer cover resurfacing(if they even do that there)? Kind of bs to have this so early...
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    Brake squeak after sitting

    Seems like 9 out of 10 times after my 2019 GT-R sits for a few hours, the brakes squeak at the first stop. Sometimes it takes 1-2 stops before it goes away. Its quite loud. Appears to only be coming from the passenger side. Cant tel ifs its the front or back. After the first few stops it does...
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    Wish my GTR had a Gen 1 Suspension

    Does anybody else who went from a gen 1 to a gen 2 (or still have both) feel this way? When I get in my wifes 16 GT, it makes me frustrated with how my GTR handles. The reserve feels like it floats around too much when compared to the 16.. I understand they softened the suspension since thats...
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    GT-R Sloppy Shift Into Second When Cold

    Im finding that the shift into second gear is rather sloppy before the engine reaches operating temperature. Before the engine is warmed up, when it shifts into second, the RPMs jump for a second or 2 before dropping down about 200 RPMs and fully engaging second. For example, I have a video...
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    19 gt-r drl?

    From what I can tell, my19 GT-R doesnt have dedicated daytime running lights. When testing by turning the lights from off auto and on when parked in front of my garage door on a cloudy day, it appears to be the same beam pattern as the low beams, just dimmer. Its impossible to get out of...
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    GT-R oil overfilled

    Since I got the car home from the dealer with around 300 miles on it the oil has been slightly overfilled. Maybe an 1/8th over the full hole. Just curious if anyone else with a signature or GT-R has noticed the same thing. This is he opposite of my 2016 which has always been a little over half...
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    2019 CX-5 Reserve: Buzzing in Dash

    I have a 2019 Reserve that has an annoying buzzing coming from the dashboard near the HUD. Its not a typical rattle that comes and goes depending on temperature, road conditions, music, etc. It consistently changes with engine speed. Its most noticeable around 1000-3000 RPM. Reminds me of a...
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    Heater core TSB

    Anyone have information on the heater core TSB? Specifically the affected VINs. The information below is all i could find after hours of searching. My 16.5 CX5 GT seems to be taking longer than it should to get the cabin warm. Takes about 20 minutes of mixed driving when Temps are below 20F...