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    Mushy brake pedal

    Sorry I didn't see this. I had my neighborhood shade tree mechanic install the used ABS pump (1.5 years later its still working great and only 75 bucks plus 2 hours labor!). I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any fancy ABS bleed equipment. More than likely just bled at the furthest wheel first and...
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    Airbag lights

    Without reading the air bag codes, you will have no direction. To get them you’d either have to research/invest in your own scan tool (capable of dealer specific info) or take it to a shop and pay a diag fee.
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    cold idle lasts for a long time, currently has DTC P2178 (too rich off idle)

    Sweet smell you would think be coolant leaking at/near the heater core. Coolant leaks and the subsequent air pockets will cause erratic idle. I would refill/burp the cooling system and then check for leaks. Perfect tool for that would be a pressure test kit.
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    Transmission Slip and Reverse Troubles

    What about the fluid?
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    Warped Rotors?

    It’s a typical sign of warped rotors. You can inspect them visually and not just assume that both front and rear pairs have to be replaced, however.
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    Anyone Need Parts?

    Thought about reaching out to you today. My 2006 5 failed the texas state inspection today. Bad LED center brake light on the rear hatch. The shop wanted to run to the dealer and put a new one in for $160. Instead a brought it home, verified wiring is good, and got no ohm reading between the...
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    Ticking sound from drivers side wheel well

    Probably tranny just keep driving
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    2005 Mazda 3 Rough idling / running rich after warm up. No codes.

    My bad I misread it initially. Basically your engine runs rich until finally fuel trims adjust and then mask the problem. So it could be anything that causes a rich condition. Leaky fuel injectors, low compression, dirty MAF, weak spark, timing off a degree, etc Sounds like you could cross some...
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    2005 Mazda 3 Rough idling / running rich after warm up. No codes.

    You might wanna check to see if the EGR is clogged or the valve is inoperable. I could see how the pcm would increase injector pulse while anticipating more air to come through EGR. Yet if EGR is clogged, your left with a rich condition.
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    Ticking sound from drivers side wheel well

    I thought the noise began after running something over and persisted even after getting new tires. Not sure why you guys are talking about the new tires being the cause.
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    Moving from Honda to a Mazda 5 minivan?

    The OP is long gone.
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    Mazda5 rf7j water pump

    Instead of assuming that the leak is coming from the pump why don’t you pressure test the system and pressure test the cap?
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    Help! Melted ignition coil connectors and valve cover

    Run a compression test on each cylinder, to get overall engine health. Then check for spark, injector pulse, and any check engine codes.
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    Moving from Honda to a Mazda 5 minivan?

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    Moving from Honda to a Mazda 5 minivan?

    Oh they’re great. You get a solid 95k miles till the engine blows up. The AC system sometimes blows fart smells but that was the power windows are for. If you get the sport model with a flex capacitor, you will really get moving faster than you would ever imagine. [emoji6]
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    Mazda5 Battery Slow Draw/Not keeping a charge

    OP, Did you get to the bottom of your battery drain issue?
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    So many codes..... (wife's '08 5 hates me)

    What codes are left since replacing the O2 sensor?
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    2009 Mazda 5 Wiring Diagram

    BBB industries and AutoZone (who bought AllData) has them online free.
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    Ticking sound from drivers side wheel well

    That will be nice if it's something simpler with the rear and you don't have to replace the drivers cv axle. Glad you got the passenger side all fixed up.
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    Just bought a Mazda5 and need some help!

    All that sounds like very minor issues. Engine, transmission, AC, steering - those are examples of big expenses. Enjoy the sporty non-minivan feel!