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    2021 Signature Lights

    Hey guys for all you "lights" fans out there. Check out this Vid covering the 2021 Signature lights both interior and exterior. Kind of tough to review during a test drive during daylight. This video serves that purpose. Awesome design and layout by Mazda.
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    Park CX-9 in garage?

    I had a CX-9 rental a few months ago and parked it outside. I forgot to test fit it into the garage. I have a basic 2-car garage with maybe 19 feet length. Do you guys park CX-9 (199 inches) inside garage and if so what type of garage and how much clearance you guys have?
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    Inspect Your Water Pump

    Okay so aprox. 1 year ago I brought my 2.5l Mazda6 in to have my tensioner replaced (did not have right tools nor knowledge on how to replace it myself at the time). During that inspection the dealership noticed the water pump was leaking and even showed me noticeable dried green leaks. Got...
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    When I was a kid I walked 10 miles to school.......

    Man I feel like a grandpa. I remember back in 2012 when we purchased our 2013 CX-5. We didn't have turbo's. We had 155HP to work with!! We didn't talk to each other on the highway..we yelled since the cabin was loud. We didn't have sport mode...we downshifted. We didn't use our driver side...
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    Scotty Kilmer Thread

    Looks like our friend is repping Mazda over Toyota now LOL FYI, he also mentioned the Miata in a different video as a car to get for long term reliability.
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    What is this Sorcery?

    Calling all skyactiv Guinea pigs to please try this. Spray into PCV valve in 2-second interval sprays while idling set to 2k rpms, allow to heat soak a few minutes, drive off to burn off gunk, change oil, report back to the forum (idhitit). Any Guinea pigs other there!?!?!
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    Sun interfering with Garage Door

    My garage door is facing south and so the sun is interfering with my 5-year old LiftMaster Garage Door's safety sensors. At night and during cloudy days it closes fine. I tried installing new sensors but nope it did not resolve the issue. I ordered some sensor sun shields to install. Hopefully...
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    T-Mobile: SyncUP Drive

    Pretty Interesting Product/Service. Anyone heard of this? The free Roadside assistance service seems like it easily pays for itself. $2 per month x24 months or $48 for the device. Plugs into OBDII port. Roadside Assistance through Allstate Motor Club with 30-minute arrival guarantee. OBDII...
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    Pedal Commander

    Anyone here have experience with this product? Seems like another throttle by wire piggyback. Only this one has much wider range of adjustability ranging from sport to eco. Checked Amazon as well as a dozen or so various car make/forums (Ford, BMW, Jeep, Hyundia, Honda, Chevy, Mercedes, ect...
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    Interchangeable Brake Parts between Mazda Models?

    Okay so I checked the specs for the 3rd gen Mazda 6 vs the CX-5. CX-5: - Front 11.7-inch vented disc - Rear 11.9-inch solid disc Mazda6: - Front 11.7-inch vented disc - Rear 10.9-inch solid disc The CX-5's rear brakes are 1-inch bigger than the Mazda6's. Fronts are identical in size. I...
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    Bumper Options

    Well my wife scraped her front bumper pretty good. In particular the majority of the damage is on the unpainted black plastic section of the front bumper. A small scratch and tiny puncture of the actual painted bumper. She wants this fixed as its driving her crazy lol. More tidbits: -Black...
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    Just another sound deadening thread

    As title indicates I'm doing a project to help minimize exterior sound/improve interior sound. I purchased Noico CLD (ei. Dynamat) to install inside of doors, front fenders, spare wheel well, hood, and hatch door. I'll cover roughly 50-70% of each area using the before/after tapping method to...
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    IIHS ranks Mazda #1 in Small SUV Headlights

    Upgrading to Mazda's Xenons and now LEDs are options I highly recommend to people looking to purchase a new Mazda. They're really that good and are adaptive. Looks like the IIHS agrees. Interestingly enough they also noticed Mazda's somewhat lowered cutoff...
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    Service Bulletin on Ignition Switches

    Article is sort of vague in describing which cars are affected/how affected. Questions I have are would this be affecting only manual cars or both manual and automatics although automatics have push start ignition and is this covered under the power train warranty vs bumper to bumper. Guess I'll...
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    2.5 vs 2.0 Stock Intake box

    I noticed that on our 2.5L Mazda6 there's a thick filter glued unto the stock Intake box. It's actually about 5 layers and the middle layer has some sort of foam/charcoal chunks. Weird. Our 2.0L engine does not contain this thick filter element. Did you guys with 2.5L CX-5s notice that filter...
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    LED Emblem

    Interesting LEDs that you place underneath the stock emblem. I've seen ones that are white then turn red when you brake. This one is blue then turns red. Maybe a bit too much for folks but it appears like nice subtle mod.
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    1+ Billion Lotto Jackpot

    Before driving that Lambo out the garage or taking the G6 to Dubai just remember that CX-5 that took you to the gas station where you purchased your winning lotto ticket. How would you show that CX-5 some love? I thought about it. I'd personally keep our CX-5 bone stock. Sort of helps me stay...
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    Mazda6 GT wheels unto CX-5

    Has anyone swapped Mazda6 wheels with 225/45/19 tires unto their CX-5? I'd be curious to know what effects there are towards the odometer along with braking/cornering/accelerating differences. My understanding that CX-5 GT tires are 225/55/19. Thanks.
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    Upgrading existing Bose System speakers

    From what I've read the Bose amp is rated at 225 amps with 8 channels. In the future I wish to retain this amp and simply replace the speakers only. Would anyone know what the ideal ohms rating would be for aftermarket speakers to match this Bose amp? What are the drop in sizes in inches...
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    Lighter 17's anybody?

    Hello all. New member here thats been lurking for 2 weeks attempting to get a feel for the all new CX-5. This is my wife's vehicle as I own a 2013 Volkswagen CC however I drive the CX-5 on occasion. The CX-5 is really impressive considering it's a CUV that isn't low to the ground. I'd like...