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    Are TSBs covered by Mazda if vehicle is outside of warranty?

    Always read Section 8 of the manual Warranty for USA or Canada. In the USA, they show 3 steps. First the dealer. They suggest you go as high as the General Manager and then the owner. Step 2 is to contact Mazda Corp with address and telephone number. Step 3 is they are part of the BBB program...
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    CX-5 engine rattle

    Your warranty for powertrain is 5years or 60,000 miles so not about to expire.
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    2017~2022 Considering a change from Subaru

    We had a Suburu Outback and replaced it with 2019 CX5 Sig. My wife really enjoyed her Suburu. However, 2019 had the CVT and all I ever read about cars with the CVT is "For a CVT it isn't bad". I just want a vehicle with a real transmission.
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    Not as smooth as I thought

    Did you feel any vibration on the hi way when you drove it on a test drive? When I drove our 2019 Signature on a test drive there was no vibration on the hi way and it is the same today.
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    Mazda CX-50

    I still think a CX70 2 row of seats with more storage that the CX5 would sell. I think the CX3 and 30 handle the smaller segment and a CX4 or 40 would be confusing as they try to fit it between the CX30 and CX 5. Can't be that much difference in size between a 30 and 40 and 40 and 50. The SUV...
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    Would you be concerned about this amount of rust?

    When I lived in New Jersey, I lay out the hose and drive my car till the hose was under the car. I would attach the lawn sprinkler and turn on the water( not real hard) and pull the hose slowly from front to back and wash off the salt. I typically did it a few times if we had a warm day above...
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    Turbo Oil Change At Independent Repair Shop

    I am concerned if my wife takes it into an Independent for an oil change and what filter gets used since Napa and the ones that Advance Auto sell all only list one filter for all 2019 CX5 models. They do not distinguish between turbo and non turbo. One could run into warranty issues when you...
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    Turbo Oil Change At Independent Repair Shop

    I am wondering what filter an Independent shop uses? When I check filters from NAPA and Advance Auto, all I find are the same part number for turbo and non turbo. Does anyone have experience with a turbo oil change at an Independent and did they use a turbo only filter? As a Forum member, I am...
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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    Watch out when they start to "sell" you on what is needed for the vehicle. Remember, they probably receive commission.
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    0W20 for 2020 CX-5 GTR?

    I had the identical thing happen on the 1st oil change on a 2019 Signature. This was a dealer 1500 miles away from where I bought it as we were spending time in another state. The dealership was only a 5 minute drive and sold 3 brands out of the same showroom. In the service area, there were 3...
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    Ended up going with the Acura RDX...

    Mazda needs a CX 7 larger with 2 rows of seats and more storage. Enjoy your new SUV. I am impressed with your back yard. Does your RDX require premium (93) fuel?
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    Newbie to Mazda

    I would check before you make any modifications if it will create a warranty repair issue.
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    Turbocharger Explained by Mazda Engineer

    Here is an explanation of the turbo from a Mazda engineer. MAZDA TURBO EXPLAINED
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    2013 CX-5 GT Dead and won't jump

    Make certain the cables are tight. One time had a problem starting my car but the battery was strong. It turned out the ground was not tight on the terminal. I tired to jump it but, but like you, it would not start since the ground was loose.
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    Mazda CX-50

    Check out the new model 2022 Genesis GV70 front end compared to the Mazda.... GV70
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    Question about Turbo fuel

    Available to you...just go to a station that sells 93.
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    Where can I buy a rear passenger door bottom cover replacement?

    I would never try and repair it if I were under warranty. Those items aren't supposed to fall off. Take it back to the dealer and just tell them it came off as you were driving. I assume you heard a noise dragging and stopped. You aren't looking underneath to check how well it is secured so how...
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    Sunroof exploded!

    @Srad600 I would go back to Mazda Corp not the dealer and be nice when you speak to them...ask them why others on the Mazda forum have had replacement paid for by Mazda yet you were denied the same fair treatment from Mazda. Don't tell them they told you to pound sand...LOL. Let us know what...
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    Mazda OEM roof rail question

    Drive to your dealer or any Mazda dealer and check an actual CX5 with rails. Take your cross bars with you.
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    Why does the brake pedal stick out so much?

    Wife has a 2019 CX5 and I drive it, also. Never noticed the pedal height as an issue. It maybe an issue for you based on the height of the seat. Play around with the seat controls. I also have a 2005 Ford F150 and it has an adjustable brake pedal. I adjusted it 15 years ago and since my legs...