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    Off Topic What are ya listening to?

    Gidday guys and girls, lets talk music! What's on your playlist at the moment, any new discoveries? Any old favourites? Streaming, CD, Vinyl? Any new gear? Let's see and hear it! I've fallen in to a Ska and Ska punk rabbit hole lately, there's heaps of new material coming out and some older...
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    Mazdas247 / team pro5 stickers

    Hi guys and girls, does anyone know if there are any 'official' mazdas247 and Team pro5 stickers still around? I really want to rep the forum on my car when it's running after all the help and support I've found here. Even a good quality image and permission to cut them myself would be great!
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    Engine mounts

    Gidday guys and girls, does anyone know if the LH engine mount (timing belt end) can be split? I've got the mount out but need to remove the cast iron shaft that bolts to the engine so I can replace the rubber mount and put in some urethane inserts. I'm assuming it can be as all the replacement...
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    Rear wing ID

    Gidday all. At the wreckers this weekend I spotted a BJ Familia/ protg with an aftermarket rear wing. Anything aftermarket for these cars is about as rare as hen's teeth here so I grabbed it. I've no idea what it's off or who may have made it, hopefully someone here might know? It's a...
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    Headers, Cats and sensors.

    Giddy all, a quick question for those with aftermarket exhausts on their P5/SP20s I've recently ordered the Pacemaker header for my SP20 link and the info page states it needs aftermarket catalytic converters. Do I need two Cats or will the one behind the headers work fine on it's own? And will...
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    Gidday guys and girls! My name is Aaron and I hail from Hamilton, NZ. I've had this Classic Red 2001 SP20 for just over a year and have slowly been chipping away at it. The rally flavor comes from my love of Rally cars and a desire to do something a little different than the usual slammed look...