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    How to Protect Car Paint?

    I like Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. It is easy to apply and there is no white residue should you get it in the black plastic trim.
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    Do you use wheel locks?

    No… if someone wants to steal your tires these type of lug nuts are not going to deter them.
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    Surprise Checking Oil

    Yes, pulled the cover off to remove the white material. The cover just pulls off… easy removal. On the underside of the cover is a fibrous matting material. Perhaps part of the engine sound proofing. This is the material the mouse had used (chewed apart) to create the nest In the cavity...
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    Surprise Checking Oil

    Yea, I have done a check and couldn't see any damaged wiring. No caution lights coming on after a short 1/2 hr. drive and all the lights works so hopefully, the mice brought in take out meals :) vs. feasting on the car's electrical.
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    Surprise Checking Oil

    The CX5 doesn't get driven a lot in the summer months. Most of my trips I generally use the MX5. Anyway, getting ready for a trip this weekend and I was planning to take the CX5. Went to check the oil and found a surprise under the engine cover near the oil cap. See the attached photos. The...
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    ND MX-5 Anyone order from Black Hawk Japan?

    Has anyone ever ordered from Black Hawk Japan If yes, any issues? I was looking at ordering a DAMD steering wheel (model SS358M) and their pricing is better than the other suppliers
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    Mazda Survey

    Just be honest in your review. The next guy researching the dealership will appreciate a honest review that truly reflects the level of service you received. The GM of the dealership should also welcome an honest review to assess how his/her employees are servicing clients.
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    Miata availability/price/lease thread

    I have the RF and don’t regret not getting the soft top. I prefer having both options...A hard top and the ability to go top down. A perfect solution would likely be a 2015 with the power retractable hardtop but they are in short supply as a used MX5. Wade
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    2018 CX-5 GT Ticking

    I listened to both clips again. I think the OPs has a much more distinctive "tick" sound. My 2018 (21k kms) sounds like the clip sm1ke posted. Wade
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    2017~2022 Rear Door bent, doesn't close fully. Repairs, what to expect?

    ^^^ This may be the case for damage stemming from a theft, vandalism, fire, or broken windows however, I believe your premiums would be affected because the accident (damage) was your direct fault and not someone else. Before filing a comprehensive claim check with your insurance.
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    2017~2022 Rear Door bent, doesn't close fully. Repairs, what to expect?

    Take it to a reputable body shop. They can price out a new OEM door or a used one from a wreck. Or, advise you if they repair the existing door. I had a used door installed on our 2018 Honda Civic vs new. They provided VIN, year and mileage of the donor vehicle. They used the inside guts and...
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    Window Sticker with MSRP?

    Try calling Mazda US. I was able to get a copy from Mazda Canada for my MX5 by providing them with the VIN number. Wade
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    Cylinder Deactivation Update

    As noted in the other thread recall done in July 2019 & travelled about 16,000 km since the recall. No vibration. Can not tell when CD goes on or off. Wade
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    Keyless Entry System Malfunction

    Hey jbphilli... let us know what the dealer says after they have looked at the issue. Wade
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    Dangerous cylinder deactivation trouble on 2018 CX-5 and Mazda6 models

    I had the recall (3719F) rocker arm reprogram done back in July 2019. I have travelled about 16,000 km since the recall and no issue so far. I haven't seen any mention on this forum or any other about the issue arising on a CX5 that had been reprogramed. I still have another 3 years left on...
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    Keyless Entry System Malfunction

    @jbphilli Re key fob... you may have a bad batch of batteries. I had purchased a 5 pack of Duracell replacements from Amazon and 3 of 5 batteries were duds. I wouldn’t think the key fob would be connected to the MX5 battery. It is still under warranty so have the dealer check the battery and...
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    2021 CX-5 Navigation Day mode at Night?

    The screen brightness can be adjusted using the trip meter selector on the right side of the display on the dash. Adjust it back so that night mode comes on automatically.