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    HOW TO: Replace Cabin Air Filter

    Just did this and the video and information here helped a lot. took me 25 minutes to do.
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    Whichl manual transmission fluid is best to use?

    Finally bought some Motorcraft. Holy crap is it expensive! Will change it this weekend at 45k
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    HOW TO: Install Boost Gauge into Drivers Vent Check out this guide, its close enough
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    HyperTech Tune Users: Please Check In!

    Got one as well. Great tune for a lightly modded MS3
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    How-to install prosport gauge and block8head pod

    I installed my electronic prosport, but I did it the longer way with removing everything. I did tap into the same wires as this write up. I would have liked to do it this way but did want to cut anything. The hardest part of doing it the other way is the A pillar...
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    What have you done to your MS3 today?

    A little mod nothing too fancy, installed the defrost pod and prosport performance boost gauge.
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    Have you all seen this??

    fail design.
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    Epic Speed 3 Vid

    Wicked Video, 20 psi boost? Quality was great as well...
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    HOW TO: independent fogs on a GT

    Do you have the GT model?
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    Yakima Roof Rack on Mazdaspeed 3 (pics

    I've been looking to source the pieces to put together a roof rack, but I can't ever find them at a decent enough price. (I'm broke so new hasn't been high on my list)
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    Emissions Issue

    Hmm glad to hear everything worked out, I wonder what tune the guy had on the car prior that would have caused it.
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    Driving style in hot weather with air conditioner ON

    I just leave it at a constant 69 or 70, any higher or lower just aint comfortable. I'm guessing it gets very humid in florida, so A/C would be a must.
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    How to: install defrost vent gauge pod

    Hmm I was able to twist it counter clockwise but it doesn't really pull out afterwards.
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    How to: install defrost vent gauge pod

    For this install how did you fish the wires through to get it to the switches? Did you still have to remove the under side of the dash?
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    How fast 'should' my car be now?

    I agree, with the proper tires this car hugs the road. Even in colder conditions this thing feels like its on tracks. Still wouldn't mind doing a pass especially against my friends GTI golf. But after that I could careless.
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    How do you get 30mpg or better with the MZR DISI?

    I'm impressed with those numbers, I get on avg about about low 20s, where I am. Elevation plays a big factor I found as well the as the type of driving you do. I'm living in a small city where is takes 15 mins tops to get from end to end lol. So not much interstate or freeway driving for me...
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    Introducing the fastest production hatchback ever!

    Wow, never knew Ferrari made a hatch haha. insane!!!
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    Hypertech power programmer; COBB sri; Saikou Michi oil catchcan kit

    can't wait to get the HT programmer!
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    NEW JBR Sway Bars in Stock & Shipping Now!!

    You just want all my money!!! haha Awesome product I am soo tempted. But will hold off until spring
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    Avg. fuel read out

    Canadian models didnt come with sunroofs either.