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    fuel filter

    Does the Mazda 3, including MS3 have an inline fuel pump after the gas tank? Or is the only fuel filter located inside the tank by the pump? I know my old car had an inline filter? But I've searched on the forums for a post similar to my question and could not find anything.
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    where do you guys buy your aftermarket parts

    Been trying to source a good place to get aftermarket parts for my MS3? any good places in Canada, are there any dealerships on here that offer discount prices as well?
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    my welcome post

    I've been reading the information on the forum for about 2 weeks now and I've had my MS3 for about 3 weeks. Figured it was time for the customary intro post. The car is an 08 True Red MS3 GT. all stock. This is my first Mazda but not the first mazda I have ever driven, my sister owns an 07...