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    WTB 2008 Mazda3 Front Passenger Seat Right Side floor bolt cover (black)

    Title says it all. Let me know how much shipped to zip 28104. Edit: Found at a junkyard. No longer need.
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    Bought a new (to me) 2008 Mazda3 and I only got a single lousy key

    Didn't get a Key fob either. It's a Grand Touring with Sunroof and teal paint. I assume it should have keyless entry? How do I figure out which Fob I need?
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    DIY Mazda5 Roof Rack

    So found out that Mazda no longer stocks the $400 roof rack and Thule wants $600 for it...not only that, but it doesn't have adjustable cross bars. So here is an $85 solution. Easy build. (inspiration for the rubber stoppers came from a guy on youtube who tried something similar on his Mazda...