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    Setting for 2021 Signature that makes headlights come on whilst wipers are on during the day?

    I use the same settings and have not found a way to get the lights to come on automatically with the wipers. PA has the same headlight on with wiper on law & I'd say the majority of drivers don't abide by it. I've personally never seen it enforced. I just conditioned myself to switch the...
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    New Carbon Edition owner

    Add me to the list of those who'd take the silver wheels over the black wheels. 2 years in I'm very pleased with the Mazda OEM Canadian floor liners for the reasons stated above. Also because of how they fully cover the dead pedal. I also prefer the way they look.
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    Back in the fold

    Yeah, I had them in the headlights of my 2000 Passat. They worked fine being included that way. I can't say I'm overly impressed with how effective the fog lights on my 2019 CX-5 GTR work.
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    The Future of the CX-5 - Strategic?

    Agreed. I also enjoy testing the salesperson's knowledge by "playing dumb" & seeing how much misinformation I get. There's a big difference between a salesperson needing to check on something they're not sure of vs. being fed a load of nonsense.
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    The Future of the CX-5 - Strategic?

    I agree that a salesperson may not know every minor detail about a vehicle. I do expect that as mentioned above that a salesperson selling a CUV which is Mazda's best selling product should know if said vehicle is available in FWD & AWD. I, as a consumer with the same access to the internet as...
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    The Future of the CX-5 - Strategic?

    And they sell cars for a living? Know your product.
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    Whacky After Visit To Car Wash

    I have the same discussion with my wife about the dishwasher.......;)
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    2017~2022 A place for moisture to collect, but be careful!

    I believe that's how I did it. That's what's illustrated in the pdf installation instructions for the front mud flaps. I think I was just a little overly aggressive when I pulled off the drivers side. As I mentioned above, once I saw the backside of the trim piece as you show in your pictures...
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    2017~2022 A place for moisture to collect, but be careful!

    You need to remove that plastic piece you broke to install the front OEM mud flaps. I did the same thing on the drivers side. Fortunately my local dealer had one in stock & as you pointed out it was relatively cheap. Once I saw how the inside clips were configured, I was able to pull the one off...
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    2022 CX-5?

    My 2000 VW Passat incorporated the fog lights into the headlights.
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    CX-5 Rear View Mirror Issue and Cost

    I have my 2nd 2019 CX-5 GTR going on 2 years. The rear view mirror has always wiggled slightly from day one, just enough to be annoying. I just had my vehicle in for it's annual oil/filter/rotate/state inspection (I only drive around maybe 3k miles/year). Anyway, I asked them to adjust the...
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    Insurance Ripoffs

    Age definitely plays a part.. Other than the getting old part, I'm very satisfied with my coverage & price from Erie Insurance (just shy of 50 years with them). 2 drivers (both 65), 2 cars in eastern PA, a 2019 CX-5 GTR & a 2018 Subaru Outback Limited. Up to 8500 miles/year pleasure/personal...
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    CX-5 Home button sticking

    2019 GTR no problems
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    Price for 15K mile service?

    But what if they put in fresh nitrogen in your tires & use genuine Mazda OEM blinker fluid :ROFLMAO:?
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    2018 CX-5 Roof Rail Rust

    Yeah, it says accessories installed by Mazda dealer prior to delivery fall under the replacement parts and accessory warranty of 12 months/12k miles. What if said accessories are installed before being delivered to the dealer, like at the port and are included on the original window sticker...
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    Latest version available for infotainment system with 10" screen?

    Are you sure it's a Reserve? The GT Reserve comes standard with the turbo.
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    Price for 15K mile service?

    I find the dealership service level names amusing. Recommended but we do offer Minimum if you're too cheap and obviously don't care about your vehicle. It's still a bargain at $440 :ROFLMAO:. I always like to ask that type of service department "Why doesn't the manufacturer recommend that...
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    Windshield sun shade, rubber floor and cargo mat recommendations? 2021 CX-5

    Oops, I have the OEM Canadian Premium Floor Liners, not the OEM all weather mats. The floor liners aren't offered in the US. I got them from Scarboro Mazda in Canada. I believe the OEM all weather mats are the same US & Canada.
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    Windshield sun shade, rubber floor and cargo mat recommendations? 2021 CX-5

    +1, another vote for the OEM Canadian all weather mats. I have the OEM Mazda cargo mat and have been satisfied with it.
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    New CX-5 GT. Install Amazon NAV SD card concerns ("Page Cannot Be Found")

    I think by "expire" he means it's locked to a given vehicle & wont work in another if copied.