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    Mazda5 Rear ended

    So coming home from 4th of July with my in-laws we got rear ended on the highway. After weeks of playing hide and seek with my insurance co. (Absolutely not our normal experience) the other driver’s insurance accepted all fault. Dropped the car off on Friday, and then not a peep out of them...
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    FS: 16 steel winter wheels with Blizzak tires ($300)

    SOLD: 16 steel winter wheels with Blizzak tires ($300) For Sale Set of four Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 studless winter tires mounted on 16 steel wheels. $40 Storage bags included. Wheels/tires were purchased in 2014 for my old 05 Mz3. Sadly the brakes on my new car are too large to take a 16...
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    Help with 2012 steering wheel questions

    Howdy. Long time Mazda owner here, and I just picked up a used 2012 mz5 Sport yesterday. One of the things I'm already missing from my Mz3 is the leather wrapped steering wheel, and while it isn't super high on my list of things to change I'm keeping my eyes out for a used leather wrapped wheel...
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    Adding heated mirrors

    Teaser pics
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    FS: OEM Mz3 Heated side mirror glass (pair)

    SOLD: OEM Mz3 Heated side mirror glass (pair) Up for sale are left and right OEM heated side mirrors (p/n's BP8M-69-1G7, and BP8M-69-1G1) for the Mz3. I installed these last winter using THIS method. All US Mz3/MS3's with power mirrors are compatible with these mirrors, however you will...
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    HOW TO: Indepandant fogs without running a wire through the firewall

    This walkthrough was provided by ouch1101 and Sokool from mazda 3 forums and has been posted here with their permission. Thanks guys for the excellent walkthrough and information. This is designed to make it so that you can turn on your fog lights with only the parking lights on, OR you can...
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    HOW TO: Heated mirrors and LED puddle lamps

    After a bunch of research (and with the help of bagman1) I discovered that the Mz3 is wired for heated mirrors but that the option was never offered in the US. This walkthrough shows how to replace the mirror with the heated glass and wire everything up. The glass with the heating elements is...
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    New ipod integration method available DISPLAYS ID3 TAG INFO

    I just found out about this unit today but it by far blows everything else out of the water. It's sold by a company on ebay called integration solutions and is called the AXXESS ipod interface. It does all the regular stuff (charges the ipod, gives steering wheel controls, etc.) that all the...
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    Key, flip key part #'s compiled

    Ooops double post. Please delete me. EDIT: Oops. Double post, mods please delete.
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    Key, flip key part #'s compiled

    I haven't seen anything recently about this, and certainly nothing that included new part numbers. Just thought I'd put all of these together in one place and make it so people didn't have to wade through multiple threads/pages just to find the parts that work. Plus these prices are way...
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    Adding variable intermittant wipers to '04-'06. **WALKTHROUGH**

    Here you go. Wiper install walkthrough
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    Shift indicator light question

    hello all. New member here, though I'm pretty active on the Mz3 forum. My sister has a '94 protege ATX and we have a small problem we're trying to fix. The light for the shift indicator (by the gear shift) is out and we can't figure out how to remove the lightbulb to replace it. I've managed...
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    Options for adding an auxiliary input on the Mazda3

    ***UPDATED 12/12/2007*** Here's a breakdown of all the options available for you to add an auxiliary input or ipod integration to the factory Mazda3 stereo. If you know of a method I've forgotten please let me know and I'll add it in, otherwise I'll add updates as I find them. Be aware that...