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    P0101 error code-time to clean MAF sensor and throttle body.

    2013 2.0 ltr (47k miles) had what felt like an engine misfire the other day which generated P0101 code for MAF sensor. For those of you who have removed and cleaned the throttle body yourself, is it necessary to replace the TB gasket or have you reused the old one. Everything else looks pretty...
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    Anyone had occasion to remove the underhood insulation mat?

    The hood skin adhesive spots on my 2013 finally let loose (there's a TSB for this) and on rough roads the top of the hood visibly jumps up and down. Rather unnerving! Since the car is long out of warranty, I want to try and repair it myself with the 3M adhesive Mazda recommends using. I have the...
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    Why Mazda Is Fighting For the Future of Internal Combustion
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    Bluetooch problem on 2013 CX-5

    So today my system (basic Touring stereo-not Bose) suddenly refused to play Pandora off my iPhone 5. It appears to stream it OK (the playback info is shown on the touch screen, so it's connected), but there's no audio from the car speakers. When I toggle back to the phone speaker, that plays...
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    Wouldn't it be nice...
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    Sub-forum name change needed

    Moderators: please consider changing the name of the “audio” sub-forum to “infotainment “. Far too many infotainment issues currently end up in other, inappropriate classifications.
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    Anyone with a 2018 5 door hatch...

    ..notice if Mazda is using the same sound deadening fiber mat material on the underbody panels that they use on the second generation CX-5?
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    The Secret Device That Could Be the Key to Mazda's Revolutionary Gas Engine
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    So there's Skactiv-X and then there's this...

    Mazda Patent Application Shows Wild Engine With Twin Turbos and Electric Supercharger:
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    HCCI explained (well, not totally!)

    So here's an interesting video from Road & Track explaining what is known of the technology and speculating on the unknown.
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    Mazda NA product development strategy

    Here's an interview with Robert Davis, Senior VP of Mazda North America in which he discusses Mazda's product strategy in this market. Starts at 34:40.
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    Australians buying diesels in record numbers

    And if you've ever wondered why it seems like most, if not all posts from down under seem to deal with diesel issues, check this out...
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    What is a Grand Select CX-5?

    It's been a while since I visited the Mazda web site and I must say it's not nearly as user friendly as it used to be! When looking at various trim levels on the CX-5, there doesn't appear to be any way to compare them feature for feature. I was surprised to see the addition of Grand Select, but...
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    Best way to remove M emblem on lift gate?

    Need to remove the center Mazda "M" on gen 1 liftgate. I knows there's D/S tape involved and center locating pegs, but is the center (body color) part of the emblem part of it or separate? What's the easiest way to get this sucker off?
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    Maybe Mazda isn't so crazy after all introducing diesel in US post-VW scandal
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    Well this should make modding the 2017 CX-5 suspension interesting!

    From this week's edition of Autoweek; first drive of the new CX-5: "In order to both smooth out and silence the suspension, Mazda added new low-friction struts up front with unique springs on each side." And this: "Where, for example, road roar was traveling up through the suspension...
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    What do people use to clean touch screen?

    I've used combinations of glass cleaner, Cinch, soft paper towels and microfiber cloth and it just gets streakier and streakier. Is there some kind of (gentle) polish I should try?
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    Sure hope they fixed this on the 2017...

    So after suffering through heavy winter rains here in Northern California which, most of the time, rendered my back up cam totally useless because of water on the lens, my CX-5 was rear-ended two weeks ago and I'm currently driving a Chevy Malibu loaner while it's being repaired. Two...
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    Styling analysis of 2017 CX-5

    Go to 3:12
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    Anyone know how to...

    ..remove the accessory switch panel (the one containing the TPMS and other switches) to the left of the steering column? Supposedly you're supposed to push it out from behind after removing the cubby or nav switch below it, but I can't figure out how to get the cubby out without damaging it.