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    What are the three electrical connectors to the Mazda5 Transmission?

    Does anyone know what the three electrical connectors to the Transmission are? Neutral switch and Clutch position make sense. There is a third open plug on the top firewall side it has a black plastic molded tower shape. No Idea if it needs to be plugged into something. Did a clutch...
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    Oil common sense and helpful info.

    Got an E-Mail from a very trusted friend, who has owned exotics. He's been an engineer and machine designer since 1978. PS he still owns his first car. 1972 superbeatle, that he bought when he was 17!! It still runs great, so he's not into disinformation. I can imagine some of the Amsoil...
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    Turn signal mirrors

    They come unpainted but have six bright amber LEDs each. One of which shines rearward.
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    New rear brake pads

    Just changed the pads and Discs on my 2007 Mazda 5. And I though I'd share somethings with you. First off pretty easy job all around, very glad I didn't pay some clown $500.00 for a brake job!!! First off the rear brake uses a "spiral piston" to facilitate the E Brake. Hence to...
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    Deleted posts

    Made anumber of posts describing instalation of HU Nav system and backup camera. Put some effort into this forum... Answewred a few questions for people... All for not. No expination from moderators no feed back just deleted. Good luck to ya and good bye!!!
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    2008-2010 GPS NAV Aftermarket

    I'm waiting to recieve a Nav unit (EBay listing 250813011154 ) A little worried that the dash in my 07 GT may be different that the 08-10 model year? Hoping it will be truly plug and play. Is the fact that I have seperate Tweeters the factory 6 speaker setup, mean this head unit won't run...