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    Chasing the clunk

    2010, 85K miles, with rear suspension clunk. Replaced the rear sway bar bushings, no significant difference. Pulled the wheels to look at struts. This one (driver rear) looks like it's leaking -- you can see where I wiped the fluid with my finger. Does this look blown to you? Thanks in...
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    Bluetooth Car Kit suggestions

    As title suggest, looking for a bluetooth car kit, nothing too fancy -- just something to receive/make calls with. Streaming audio is a bonus, not a real requirement. Anyone have opinions/used this; Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit
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    FS: Hypertech

    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD Unmarried Hypertech, with box, all cables, CD and +25HP sticker*. For those wanting a safe improvement over stock without all the fuss of custom or self-tuning, this is the way to go. $260 OBO; Performance Gains Premium Octane: +68HP +38TQ CARB E.O. D-260-13 Engine...
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    Shaft play?

    any one care to offer an educated assessment...or WAG? Time for a BNR?
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    JBR OCC installed

    great product, great price, great service; thanks! I can't wait to see what comes out of the can in a few thousand miles...
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    squeaky sway bar bushings on MY10

    I thought they had things all the squeaky suspension bits fixed by 2010 model year; i guess not. Dealer lubed the rear sway bar bushings and ordered replacements. Oh well, not a big deal I guess.
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    Who autocrosses and what's your setup?

    I know there's at least a few of us on here. I don't do official SCCA events, but rather through a well-organized local car club, which for me is all the fun without the pressure. Anyway, I'm lowered on Eibach Prokits with Koni yellows and a Cobb RSB for suspension. For tires, I've relied on...
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    Eibach ProKit & Koni Yellows...

    A couple additional pics;
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    WTB: Koni Yellow Sports

    Nevermind; Mods, please delete
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    Koni Sport Yellows...

    anyone aware of any great deals on these? i see i missed a 20% off a few months ago -- the cheapest i've found for a set is $629 shipped on eBay. if anyone knows of anything cheaper, i'd love to hear about it; thanks!
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    Any paint/detail experts?

    As if the cicadas weren't bad enough earlier this year, one decided to stain/damage/fade the paint. I know, I should have cleaned it off earlier, but too little too late. My dealership said it's not covered by warranty since it's not a defect (I say if a bug can damage the paint, that sounds...
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    AWR 70 Duro Rear Motor Mount

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    Quick question for the hitch experts...

    I'll be using it for a bike rack only (no towing), I see the three options at and i understand that for the most part, they're the same. My question; the Draw-Tite (cheapest) says it does not come with drawbar, pin and clip (sold separately), I don't really need those anyway...
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    16x6.5 +46

    Hopefully last time I ask the question -- 205/55-16 (or 215/55-16) should fit fine on the aforementioned wheels with no rubbing issues, correct?
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    Helpful website with hub bore size and bolt pattern information

    I found this helpful in my search for winter rims, you may find it useful too.
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    2009-2010 Recall

    sorry if this is posted somewhere else -- found it here here too The Problem: A number...
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    Rim fitment question

    Will these fit on my 2010? I'm looking to piece together a cheap winter set and these are available -- looking to go 205/55-16. The TireRack steelies are 6.5 width, these are 7s. I appreciate the help.
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    Just want to double check...

    But these will fit my 2010, correct? I believe this is the minus 1 size that TireRack lists. taken from craigslist Oh, and there's no price listed -- tires are about $124 new -- what would you offer?
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    That was close....

    I had to check the manual to see what the gas tank could hold after this fill up.