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    Oil filter (turbo)

    I must have misread. Sorry for the wrong information.. Ed
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    2017~2022 Rear Drive Engaged?

    According to MAZDA my 2021 GTR has all four wheels engaged always. Power is transferred back and forth based on sensor input.
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    Oil filter (turbo)

    MAZDA SWAG SALES has the CX5 Ste and turbo oil filter listed as the same. Ed
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    Oil filter (turbo)

    I just reviewed the MAZDA CX5 oil filter part number and realize the the Turbo and Non turbo part numbers are the same now. 1WPY-14-302.
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    2021 CX-5 Carbon Turbo FWD or AWD

    AWD is nice when leaving a stop light when it is raining here in FL. You drive off and hear tires spinning beside you as they loose traction.
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    Car Jiggles After 30 Sec At Stoplight

    Torque converter unlocking. It stays locked for sometime in case you want to immediately go after stopping. Good design in my opinion. Always seem to be some malcontents ready to jump on anything they don't comprehend or understand. Ed
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    Outside mirror folding

    The YouTube method is different than the one in my 2021 digital manual for the restore method. Ed
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    Outside mirror folding

    Still need an answer- dang it
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    Outside mirror folding

    The rules were quite explicit. Ignition on, Lock window switch, hold down front passenger and both rear window switches. Just no JOY yet
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    2018 CX9 GT AWD, lease buy out (extended warranty question)

    I never purchase an extended warranty on reliable vehicles. Ed
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    Outside mirror folding

    2021 CX-5 Reserve model with auto in folding mirrors. I canceled the automatic feature and I am unable to revert to the auto folding function. I followed, I think, to the letter in the manual to no joy. Suggestions?
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    Has “Machine Grey” changed recently?

    The paint guy who painted my 2021 scrape said Mazda had 30 or more (forgot the number) of Machine grey variances. I found this fascinating. Ed
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    2020 CX-5 Battery Life

    Here in Florida, three years is about normal. I your case I would do a full slow charge overnight and you should be OK. I also think I would recheck battery connections. Ed
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    33k on odo and dealer says I need new rear pads/rotors

    I sold my 2014 touring CX5 at 76,000 with original pads all around. Drive like a pussy cat could mean you drag your brakes or is there another driver that uses the vehicle??
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    What wax do you use to make your CX-9 look amazing?

    Today is the sixth month since I treated my 2021 CX5 to the TURTLE wax CERMIC Hybrid. The car surface is still beading water like crazy and I can't tell much different from the first day. My vehicle is garaged at night but, spends about 5 hours in the hot midday sun where in SW. FL. I will...
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    Suggestions for accessing side marker bulb on Turbo CX-5?

    Owners manual is a good reference for owners. TADA
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    Price for 15K mile service?

    Open your OWNERS MANUAL and locate the maintenance schedule. Circle the 15,000 mile service. Take the schedule service and show it to the service person. Don't except additional service. Ed
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    33.2 MPG with the CX-5

    This with my FWD 2014 CX5 Touring
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    What type of mpg are you getting, turbo owners?

    2021 GTR averaging 26.3 to 26.8 over 2,000 mile average distance. Highest single tank was 28.3 and lowest was 24.7. Easy Urban driving with AC on 100%. Here in flat Florida.