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    2019 Mazda3 headlight assembly replacement?

    My daughter had a relatively slow speed collision with a deer and it broke the passenger side headlight and the chrome color trim below it. Searching on line for any info or video on replacing the headlight, and I cant find anything beyond 2018. Anything significantly different about the...
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    Center console wont open with back seats down???

    Did anyone else notice that the center console wont open ( will open only slightly) when the back seats are down? The back of the console door hits the back seat center headrest. This was an unhappy finding today in my 2016 GT. Kind of a PITA.
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    Anybody else unhappy with the location of the USB ports on the 2016 CX-5 ??

    Traded in my 2013 CX5 Grand Touring for a 2016 CX5 Grand Touring. Love the car (as much as you can in less than 48 hours)--but a few things are a bit frustrating. In the 2013, there was a USB port in the center storage area between the seats. I could plug in my Ipod and leave it in there out of...
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    2014 CX-5 listed for sale in NJ

    Dont know if this is common knowledge or not, but thought I would share. I was on line on my local NJ Mazda dealers website scheduling an oil change for my wife's CX-9, and I happened to notice that they list a bunch of 2014 CX-5's for sale. Dont show the photos, but they do list the VIN...
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    Thank G-d my CX-5 gets great mileage--cause I cant buy gas!!!

    Here in North New Jersey---pretty bad after the hurricane---lines for blocks around any open gas station--not too many are open because of no power--and they may not even have any gas !! Good luck to all who are coping with the aftermath of Sandy
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    Programming instructions--CX-5 smart-key--anyone have them?

    Looking for programming instructions for a replacement smart key for my CX-5. Have not been able to find them on line. Does anyone have them?
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    Bad "shark fin" antenna-- Sirius not working

    Hi all-- I picked up my CX-5 GT last Saturday. Love the car.One (relatively) minor issue.The Sirius satellite radio is not working--sits on "acquiring signal" and never gets past that. The day I picked up the car and the salesman was sitting inside it with me going over all the controls, etc...