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    WTB: CX-9 map dvd (part number GP9A66DZ0H)

    Wanting to update the maps in my wife's CX-9. Just looking for a cheap used one in good condition that works.
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    Can anyone tell me what's the newest version of the map DVD for a 2009 CX-9?

    I'm trying to update the maps in my wife's CX-9. Mazda gave me a part number of GP9A66DZ0A that is supposed to be version H. Does anyone know if there has been a newer version map DVD put out since then? Also, does anyone on here have version H and could make a copy for me? Thanks!
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    Questions about 2009 OEM Navigation/Radio system error...please help!

    My wife has a 2009 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring with the Bose sound system. We ejected the navigation map dvd the other day to look at it. When I went to put it back in it didn't automatically pull the cd in, so I push it a little bit to see if it would auto-feed it back in. I maybe pushed it in...