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    College Student First Car Build

    I thought I replied.. But use an image hosting site such as imgur. I'm not sure if it still works, but was how I used to do it.
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    Buying front bumper from RockAuto

    I was looking into the same thing, the shipping on it is kind of insane though. Especially when compared to the cheaper one.
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    College Student First Car Build

    Pictures! BTW the Msp engine and p5 are the same, minus the turbo bits.
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    Changed the oil, super gross and dark. I'm also having some rear wheel noise I need to further investigate. Unsure if the calipers are sticking or bearings or shot. Or both :/ Makes noise when rotating either wheel. Didn't have time to dive deeper but I'm hoping for a simple solution.
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    Ah, that makes sense. At first I thought they were the hard ones.. I forgot about the softer, more flimsy cutting boards. Lol. How'd the p5 do in the rally? Details!
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    LankyKiwi's Rally-flavored SP20

    I love those wheels and mudguards. Not in the market for wheels or suspension any time soon but the mudguards look great as well.
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    What have you done to your P5 today?

    A good wash/wax where applicable. Haha. Gonna fix the curbing on the wheels next week and plasti the wheels / wing / rear valence. Touch up missing paint. Can't wait!
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    Best $600 coilovers?

    I found a place that builds them out of El Paso, TX I think. 900ish for some decent stuff. Yellow Speed Racing USA. If you've saved up 600 already, what's another 3? :)
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    Weird lag under moderate/hard acceleration?

    I've been driving my P5 for about a month now and am not sure if this is normal. It feels like the problem is in the higher RPMs under moderate and hard acceleration. The clutch is good, just changed out the spark plugs with correct gap and changed one coil pack with no change in behavior. The...
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    P0304 cyl 4 misfire..

    I just need to get going again for now, but I will keep you in mind for when I replace the whole set. Thanks!
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    P0304 cyl 4 misfire..

    Going to switch out the spark plugs but I have a feeling I have a bad coil. Will a cheap part store coil be OK while I save up for a full set of OEM? Or are there any better options as far as upgrading? Ive seen the 1.8 deal but don't quite understand the advantages of it. Car is an 03 p5 2.0.
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    Cold air intake question

    Cai is more for sound and look under the hood. We have a pretty good setup as is, the intake grabs air from the front of the hood/top grill area.
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    I Am Not Trapped !!!

    I was thinking flamethrower, personally :P
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    16 Years Later, I got one

    Congratulations on the purchase! I just picked mine up last night :) I've always liked them since I was in middle/high school and finally had the chance to buy one. I haven't driven it since I parked it but I am already obsessed. Haha!