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    2017~2022 2018 CX5 Caliper pins (lower)

    Hi CX5 community. I just took apart the brakes yesterday on my 18 CX5 GT with 13,000 km for a clean/maintenance and noticed that the lower caliper pins (in all 4 corners) have a rubber sleeve toward the tip of the pins. I think it's for anti-rattle purposes, but noticed that even with...
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    2019 CX5 Turbo update (Ontario)

    Spoke to my sales guy (in Toronto last night) as I have reserved a 2018 GT with tech for purchase with potential of going to the 2019 turbo, but after hearing the price jump, I can't imagine pulling the trigger. 2018 GT with tech is $42K out the door here in Ontario. The 2019 GT has a price...