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    For Sale Protege5 Partout (Prices Lowered Even More)

    Everything has been sold! This thread can be closed.
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    Protege FS: Protege Partout - MODS PLEASE CLOSE!

    Moderators - please close this thread out as i will be starting a separate one with the parts.
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    Progress Rear Sway Bar/Bushing, Stock Grille w/Black Emblem, Mazdaspeed Seatbelt Pads

    Progress Rear Sway Bar, Stock Grille w/Black Emblem, Mazdaspeed Seatbelt Pads Doing some spring cleaning. All items are used except where noted. All prices include shipping for people within the contiguous 48 states. If special shipping is needed we can negotiate the price. Progress 22mm Rear...
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    Suspenision/Washer-mod help!

    Okay guys I need a bit of help. Today I changed out my rear strut mounts hoping it would help kill some of the noise in the rear over slow bumps/turns. I have tokico blues and an eibach prokit and have added the washers under the nut. Seems like even after going through all of it (roughly 5...
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    FS: Stock Grille w/ Blacked Out Emblem

    Stock grille with the Mazda emblem blacked out (also includes the two pop tabs needed to install the grille). Grille was on my car for about 65k miles and the emblem was blacked out for about 15k miles. Grille and emblem are both in really good shape with a few scratches and nicks which can be...
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    Hella Horn Issue

    So I tried to figure this out but came up with nothing. I rarely hit the horn in my car but the other day I went to hit them and nothing happened. I was really confused but figured it was just a loose wire. Checked the wires but couldn't find anything wrong and the fuse is good too. When I hit...
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    Top Gear USA Back On?

    Looks like its true, only person to return from the original cast is Tanner Foust. And its going to be on the history channel...! Not sure how I feel about the other two, and you know they had to throw a NASCAR guy in there. Here's to hoping it won't suck...
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    So you want mudflaps on your Protege 5?

    So you want to put mudflaps on your p5? Well, hopefully I can give you some insight into how EASY it is. I have had a few people ask me about mine over the past few months, so I figured I would throw this thread together to make it easier for all. (attention) Obviously if you are reading this...
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    My P5 is Complete!!

    I have been on this board for nearly four years which is pretty impressive considering I am still in college, but over the four years I have had this car I have done many modifications to it. Finally I have reached the point where I can say I am done!! I know many will say you can't stop moding...
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    Suspension/Camber Questions

    Tried posting this in the suspension section but didn't get a response. I am getting close to dropping the p5 and just have some quick question for you suspension gurus. Hopefully by the end of this i won't come off as too much of a noob and get my moderator status taken away First off I want...
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    Suspension/Camber Questions

    Ok guys/gals, I am getting close to dropping the p5 and just have some quick question for you suspension gurus. Hopefully by the end of this i won't come off as too much of a noob and get my moderator status taken away :) First off I want to make sure I have everything set to go when I install...
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    WTB - Tokico Blues or Illuminas

    Looking to get some struts and want either illuminas or blues. Used is fine but nothing over 20k miles, these gotta last a while! If you got any and are looking to get rid of them send me a pm! -Nick
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    Autometer Gauge Question

    Was going to post this elsewhere but figured I would get a faster response here. I am installing an autometer gauge today and saw that I should wire the power to the dimmer switch since the gauge well then go on and off with the lights. From a how to I read there are more than just two wires for...
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    Tokico Blues

    Hey guys, looking to buy a pair of used tokico struts and was just wondering how long these normally last. I think the pair has 60k miles on them, wondering how many more i can expect out of them?
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    Suspension Stuff for my P5!

    Ok i am looking for a few things for my p5 and figured i would put this wtb thread up before going to ken. -AWR front and Rear adjustable endlinks -Front and rear sway bars - not to particular on brand -Tokico Blues - all 4 struts! If you have any of these things and are willing to get rid of...
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    Chrysler Files for Bankruptcy, Partners with Fiat

    Not sure If anyone posted this yet, if its a repost mods just delete it. I would honestly be sort of shocked if it hasn't been reported yet. WASHINGTON - After months of living on government loans, Chrysler finally succumbed to bankruptcy Thursday, pinning its future on a top-to-bottom...
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    Pictures, Videos and More!!! Racing Beat Exhaust, Tsudo Header and SLS Midpipe!

    Ok so as a few of you know I had set up to install my header and midpipe this weekend. I had my fears of rusted bolts and rounded nuts but they are both installed. First off I made the title very obvious so people could search this thread in the future if they are looking for info or videos on...
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    Installing my header and midpipe...

    Ok guys (and gals) I am going to be installing my tsudo header and sls midpipe this weekend. I just had a few questions going into it. When removing the o2 sensor, did you use an o2 socket or did u just use an open wrench to get it off? How were the spring loaded bolts when you took them off...
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    Aftermarket Catted Mid-pipe

    Like the title says, looking for an aftermarket catted mid-pipe for the p5. I know ken has them at pg but looking to see if I can find one cheaper first.
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    My Re-Introduction

    My fellow P5 owners, I just wanted to re-introduce myself as the newest moderator for the protege 5 forum! For those of you who don't know me I have been a part of this forum for over three years and have been working on my p5 ever since. This forum has become a part of my life and am glad...