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  1. Antoine

    Upgrading from 18s to 22s on my 2017 CX-9

    Love the look of these three! :love:
  2. Antoine

    RUMOUR: New CX-9 (possibly CX-90) destined for release in 2024

    From a new CX-9/CX-90? German-premium levels of luxury and performance but with Mazda styling, driving dynamics, reliability and of course the flying M badge. 😁 Great topic and thanks for the share, @sm1ke...This makes me wonder, would it be too much to offer a CX-5, CX-50, CX-9, CX-90 in...
  3. Antoine

    How to remove "Sent by my Mazda..." in text message?

    Based on the manual...I wonder if the following would work... Step 1. Select “Communication” on the home screen. Step 2. Select “Communication Settings”. Step 3. Uncheck "Signature" and or remove the default signature. Does that help?
  4. Antoine

    For Sale Two 19 inch CX5 Tire/Wheel/Pressure Sensors also spare

    @GAXIBM Please read the Marketplace Rules here... Add pics to your post/listing above that include a visible hand written sign (Mazdas247, date and username) in each one (and for each part you're selling) and you'll be good...
  5. Antoine

    Mazda MX-3 All Motor Build

    Beautiful pics and pistons!
  6. Antoine

    What have you done to your Mazda3 today?

    @SixPackABS You've been busy! Nice! I haven't seen that spoiler before...Do you have any pics from a distance showing the whole car with these recent mods?
  7. Antoine

    2022 CX-5?

    First of all, this thread is fantastic, I haven't felt any need to check news sites for updates or analysis because everyone here is posting all that and more...Well done and thank you! (y) Those two pics above that @sm1ke posted really caught my eye...The revised frontend does seem cleaner and...
  8. Antoine

    Why change from Engine and Transmission?

    Testing out new Sub-Forum names that are shorter and don’t dislodge the layout as the previous (longer) ones did on mobile (majority of visits). :) Engine & Transmission is now Engine & Gearbox Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension is now Running Gear Accessories & Appearance is now ACC &...
  9. Antoine

    Turn off APB?

    Welcome and thanks for joining up, congrats on the CX-30. Looks like a similar topic was discussed here if you haven't read it yet... Based on what I've read, there isn't an option to disable the Automatic / Electronic parking...
  10. Antoine

    Workshop/Factory Repair Manual from Mazda Service Info on Engine stuff for 2nd Gen CX-5?

    On any thread page, if you click "Search" at the top (and on the right), you'll see "Everywhere" next to the search field, click on the "Everywhere" dropdown menu and click "This thread"...Then enter your keyword and it should search only that specific thread. Not sure that's what you...
  11. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Update: We’re 20! 🥳

    Yeah, I really wanted an MP3 when it came out but being a uni student at the time, I couldn't afford it...That said it didn't stop me from registering which became Mazda Forums which became Mazdas247. 😁
  12. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Update: We’re 20! 🥳

    Same here...A fantastic platform that also spawned the MP3, P5 and MSP. Any sort of Protege is unfortunately a rare sight these days but when I do see one, it always puts a smile on my face. 😁 Awesome indeed, yup since 2006! (y)
  13. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Update: We’re 20! 🥳

    Thanks @sm1ke! @njaremka Great pics, thanks for sharing those and awesome to see you've been active here since 2001!
  14. Antoine

    2017~2022 itsmike’s CX-5

    Welcome! Great intro, pics and mods...Fantastic ideas posted here for the Community, thanks for sharing and looking forward to your updates! (y)
  15. Antoine

    Mazdas247 Update: We’re 20! 🥳

    Just wanted to mention that Mazdas247 has now been existence for twenty years! While much has changed in that time, one thing hasn’t and that’s our commitment to being Fun, Friendly and Informative. Thank you all so much for spending your time with us and for your support! :giggle:
  16. Antoine

    2017~2022 Disable Manual Shift Mode?

    @wlong01 Yes, this thread was going negative in addition to off topic fast and your response included a quote related to the inappropriate language. Other posts have been removed for containing or relating to the inappropriate language. Once again, let’s keep threads positive and on topic. If...
  17. Antoine

    2017~2022 Disable Manual Shift Mode?

    Side note...Inappropriate language was used in this thread and a warning issued. Insulting and or posting negative remarks about others is unacceptable on Mazdas247. Thread cleaned, let's keep all threads on topic, positive and informative, thank you. *Moved to CX-5 Engine & Transmission
  18. Antoine

    Off Topic 3L Swappin' Contour

    Putting the Contour through its paces, nice…Great update and pic!
  19. Antoine

    New to Mazda! 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Yes, welcome and thanks for joining up, @MazdaMikeee! Nice touch with the emoji in the title and congrats on the Mazda3. Totally second @sm1ke's recommendations...Also, I recommend searching our Mazda3 Forums for related info. Here are links to CorkSport and JBR... CorkSport Forum: CorkSport...
  20. Antoine

    Mazda unveils 350 HP MAZDA3 TCR

    That is odd but I would have thought the same...