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    Mazda unveils 350 HP MAZDA3 TCR

    I sure hope they are. (y)
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    Mazda unveils 350 HP MAZDA3 TCR

    This article was sent to me just yesterday (by Mazda)! I thought it was odd that they mentioned 2020 but thought maybe it was being resurrected.
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    Mazda unveils 350 HP MAZDA3 TCR Nice!
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    Heads up display (HUD) shaking

    Did it do this when you test-drove the vehicle? Maybe you can stop by the dealership and ask to test-drive an identical or near-identical CX5 with HUD.
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    Mazda Maintenance advice for extremely hot dusty environments?

    I'm fairly certain Dot 5 (silicone fluid) is not compatible.
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    Problems with 2005 Mazda3 replacement brake caliper

    That's great news. Hopefully you noticed my cautionary statement in response to the brake bleeding post, regarding pushing the brake pedal to the floor - NOT recommended.
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    Pep Boys refuses used oil

    Our local auto parts store accepts motor oil and transmission/diff fluid in the same container.
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    Confusing battery test results, any experts?

    Dealers will often charge you to test almost anything. If the part is bad and under warranty they will most likely cancel the charge. However, be prepared to spend a good chunk of change if the part is good. I learned that the hard way. So it's best to try to determine if the battery is bad...
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    Problems with 2005 Mazda3 replacement brake caliper

    Did you cross reference the manufacturer's part number? Here's an example: The screw thread difference you are seeing is very odd. I...
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    Mazda3 2.5T Brake upgrades?

    I think it's still a bit early but I found this site that seems to include 2021 brake kits.
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    Mazda3 2.5T N00b with a Mazda3 Turbo Sedan M3TS

    I guess it depends upon where you live and drive. I take speed bumps at a slight angle, just as I do driveways and have no problem. I do love the razor-sharp steering and cornering that come with a combination of lowering springs (Eibach) and shocks (Konis). Ride stiffness is a bit greater but...
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    Been following MotorTrend's long term CX-30 test...

    I think the radar cruise in my 3 is excellent but despite the somewhat tiring little corrections needed during trips of more than 30 minutes, I am okay with it, as my trips are mostly less than 30 minutes each. I have read that new Mazdas have less sensitive steering to alleviate that issue...
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    Mazda3 2.5T N00b with a Mazda3 Turbo Sedan M3TS

    Perhaps lowering that bad boy is in your future?
  14. Mazda3S 2.5.jpg

    Mazda3S 2.5.jpg

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    Transmission Making Metal

    I think that after only 3 years of ownership, even if the odometer number is beyond the factory warranty, Mazda should pay for at least half of the bill for a new trans. Some manufacturer's dealerships will install a factory refurbished (with new upgraded components) at a good discount. If the...
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    Transmission Making Metal

    There was a time when the first dealership I took my 89 MX6 GT to couldn't figure out what was wrong so I took it to one with a better mechanic. That guy had no problem diagnosing and fixing the issue. So my advice is to take it to a different dealership. Your warranty is good at any Mazda...
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    Trunk randomly unlocking/unlatching?

    Maybe this will help:
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    Mazda 3 life expectancy

    Remember that as cars age (typically beyond the 20 year mark) gaskets and other types of seals start leaking. At this point, mileage isn't the determining factor as to how reliable the car will be. Case in point: I sold my 1989 MX6 GT Turbo when it was 25 years old because the cost to replace...
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    Mazda CX-5 Vs. Acura RDX

    One of the things many folks fail to realize is that 90% of any "sport" advantages expensive German vehicles have over some above average Japanese vehicles like some Mazdas and Lexus vehicles tend to fade away when driving to work, getting stuck in rush hour traffic and driving at or slightly...
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    Identifying a dash button on 2008 Mazda3

    If it does something like activate Bluetooth, you wouldn't know unless you had your phone search for it.